HUFS celebrates New Year's ceremony
HUFS celebrates New Year's ceremony
  • 승인 2016.04.22 15:57
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Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) held a New Year's event on Jan. 4 at the Seoul Campus, with President Kim In-chul vowing to continue the University’s efforts to improve the university's academic competitiveness and financial stability.

The ceremony, presided by Park Young-bok, chief of the Office of Administration Support, kicked off with messages from head of the board of directors and president of the HUFS Alumni Association.

"We will continue the struggle to provide a better environment for education and research," Kim said during his speech. "We will also make efforts in various ways to improve the financial soundness, and learn lessons from other evaluations made by third parties on HUFS."

The event was attended by around 300 officials including members of the board and the school's faculty members.