HUFS grants honorary doctorate to Korean entrepreneur
HUFS grants honorary doctorate to Korean entrepreneur
  • 승인 2016.04.22 16:03
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Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) has granted an honorary doctorate degree in business to Choi Young Tae, chief of global jewelry provider Nadri Inc., in recognition of his contribution to the country and its people.

"Choi has inspired members of HUFS through his business philosophy, which centered on the entrepreneurship and challenging spirit that helped promote Korean values," the head of HUFS graduate school said during a ceremony on Jan. 18 marking the conferment of the degree on Choi. "As Choi is set to continue contributions to the development of the country and the people, we grant him with an honorary doctorate."

Born in 1956, Choi finished his studying in 1977, and started jewelry businesses in the United States and Vietnam.

Choi also became an honorary ambassador for South Korea's Esperanto community since 2014, continuing the effort to promote Korean values and spirit to the world.