HUFS holds global alumni gathering
HUFS holds global alumni gathering
  • 승인 2016.06.01 11:09
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  HUFS global alumni gathering


Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Alumni Association held a three-day gathering of its graduates around the globe. During the event, the university vowed to bring various HUFS communities around the world together to promote exchanges of the graduates and keep them connected with the school.

Around 60 HUFS alumni representatives from 14 countries visited the university, and made generous donations after taking a tour of the school which recently went through a rapid development.

On April 19, HUFS alumnus Matthew D. Lee who had entered the school in 1958 and majored in German, was tapped as the first head of the overseas alumni community in the launching ceremony held in southern Seoul. The three-day event included the kick-off ceremony, golf competitions, and various programs that brought graduates together.

The participants also visited the Seoul Campus on April 20 to attend the event that marks the 62nd anniversary of the school’s foundation, and went to the Global Campus for dinner. The gathering of the overseas alumni communities will be held every two years, with the next event being scheduled to be held in Indonesia.