HUFS hosts dedication event for 'Wall of Honor'
HUFS hosts dedication event for 'Wall of Honor'
  • 승인 2016.06.01 11:11
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  HUFS Wall of Honor


Hankuk University of Foreign Studies held a dedication ceremony for the newly-built "Wall of Honor" at the Seoul Campus on April 20, 2016 to express gratitude to donors who made generous contributions to the university.

Among about 100 participants were HUFS President Kim In-chul, former presidents Park Chul and Kim Dong-seon, Matthew D. Lee who heads the union of overseas HUFS alumni communities, and FILA President Yoon Yoon-su.

Around 50 alumni, who were visiting South Korea for the three-day gathering of HUFS graduates in Seoul, also took part in the event.

KBS announcer Han Sang-heon and MBC announcer Cha Ye-rin, who majored in media communication and English interpretation and translation, respectively, served as emcees for the event.

During the event, the Wall of Honor was unveiled amid a storm of applause from the visitors, and the donors and participants also took time to find their names inscribed on the wall.

The Wall of Honor, a 11.6 meter-wide-and-4.5-meter-tall wall, was built to express gratitude to people who shared generous assets for the development of the university.

The wall lists 921 name plates for individuals and entities that provided more than 5 million won to HUFS as of 2015. The university, for the first time in Korea, also displayed letters of gratitude from recipients of the donations. The wall was made of birch and bronze to add to the luxurious space, and the lightening also allowed visitors to take a look even during night hours.

HUFS also installed a 55-inch touch-screen at the venue, allowing visitors to search information on the donors of the wall.

The university said it hopes the Wall of Honor will become one of key attractions of HUFS which commemorates the heart of the donors.