HUFS ranks top 10 of S. Korean universities' survey
HUFS ranks top 10 of S. Korean universities' survey
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▲ HUFS excels in a major universities survey.

  Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) moved up four notches from a year earlier to emerge as South Korea's 10th most reputable university in 2016, a recent survey conducted by JoongAng Ilbo said, one of the country's major dailies.

The survey was conducted on the country's 69 major four-year universities with more than four of the following areas humanities, social science, natural science, engineering, medical and sports&arts.

HUFS stood as No. 10 player in the comprehensive studies.

It also stood as 9th player in the humanities and social science areas.

The university held a net employment rate of 49.7 percent among humanities students, marking the seventh-highest figure among the institutions surveyed, hovering above the national average of 43.7 percent.

Social science departments of HUFS, which include business majors, issued second-highest number of academic papers, taking advantage of its strength in foreign language capabilities.

HUFS also posted a sound reputation under the survey conducted on 550 high school teachers and 550 personnel officials of major firms and public organizations.

Researchers said HUFS also expanded the number of courses related to starting up businesses by eight-folds, improving the quality of education provided to the students.

Lee Sang-Bin, a professor of the school’s Department of English for International Conferences and Communication, also posted the highest number of paper citations among researchers younger than 40 years old in the humanities area over the 2011-2014 period.

Lee's papers were cited 29 times over the period.

Lee has been building his reputation in the so-called "interpretation evaluation" area, which provides assessments on the quality of interpretation works.

HUFS was also included in the top 25-percent bracket in terms of providing female-friendly environment, winning the top mark.

The grade assesses 10 women-related indications including professors, employment rate of female students, as well as other university policies to protect rights of women.

The research excludes female-only universities in the country.

Yeo Ho Kyu, a professor of the university’s Department of History, was also ranked at No. 5 in terms of achievements in academic papers among the country's 10,877 professors in the humanities and social studies area.

The so-called H-index assesses both number and quality of academic papers.