[HUFS Career Events and Workshops] HUFS supports career development as well as entrepreneurship and employment (January-March)
[HUFS Career Events and Workshops] HUFS supports career development as well as entrepreneurship and employment (January-March)
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HUFS Holds a Kick-off Ceremony to Send its 23rd Group of KOTRA Interns Overseas

- For five-month Internship at KOTRA overseas office, 63 students sent to 54 offices in 54 countries

HUFS held a ceremony to kick off its 23rd group of student interns heading to overseas offices of the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA). The ceremony was hosted by the HUFS Career Development Center at the BRICs Culture Hall on January 11, 2019.

The kick-off ceremony proceeded in the order of reporting on the status of the KOTRA internship program by Director So-ra Im of the HUFS Career Development Center, words of encouragement by Vice President Kim Hyun-taek of External Affairs and Development , oath-taking by the student representative of the 23rd Group of KOTRA Interns, Jeong Sang-gyun (Department of German, entrance class of ‘13, Munich Office), and HUFS badge-pinning by the Vice President Kim Hyun-taek on the KOTRA intern representative. The 23rd group of 63 HUFS students will work as interns at 54 KOTRA overseas offices in 41 countries. During their five-month internships, they will conduct market research, engage in reporting, render interpretation and translation services, and provide trade and investment attraction support for South Korean businesses.

The overseas internship program was launched in 2008 with HUFS's first group of 16 students dispatched to KOTRA offices in 14 countries the following year. The program has created exceptional results and reaped a high level of satisfaction from and the strong endorsement of the overseas KOTRA offices. Accordingly, the number of HUFS students applying for the internship program continues to increase each semester. Over the last ten years, 1,798 HUFS students, including the 23rd group, have participated in the internship program to fulfill their dreams of becoming global trade experts.

On the sidelines of the ceremony, as pre-training for the internship, former KOTRA student intern Oh Hyun-seok (entrance class of '14, Arabic studies) shared his vivid experience working at the KOTRA Cairo Office. Career advisor Yang Hee-sun made a presentation to the students titled “Career Path Guidance after Overseas Internship.” The presentation offered information on how to leverage their KOTRA internships to enhance their job portfolio and succeed in interviews.

The HUFS KOTRA internship program is offered to HUFS students with outstanding foreign language skills, knowledge in their academic area, and character. Any HUFS students who have completed their sophomore year or above can apply for the internship. The student interns receive up to 15 credits and scholarships for their five-month internship.


The 2018 HUFSxHUFS Alumni Mentoring Completion Ceremony and the HUFS Alumni Association Scholarship Award Ceremony Held

HUFS and the HUFS Alumni Association held the 2018 HUFSxHUFS Alumni Mentoring Completion Ceremony and the HUFS Alumni Association Scholarship Award Ceremony at the Seoul Campus Faculty Office Building on December 21, 2018.

The HUFSxHUFS Alumni Mentoring Completion Ceremony was a chance for mentors and mentees of each mentoring team to look back on the past year as they watched video clips on mentoring and video messages from mentors and mentees overseas. Looking back on mentoring over the past year, President Min Dong-seok of the HUFS Alumni Association thanked all of HUFS, the alumni, and the students by saying, “At first, I was deeply concerned whether this would be possible. However, many senior alumni responded positively and students also actively participated in mentoring. I believe it was a great success given that this was the first year.”

In the congratulatory message, HUFS Vice President Cho Ki-seong thanked the mentors by saying that “the program was a great success as the senior alumni of HUFS listened to the problems junior alumni experience in their career choices and offered guidance. They showed that pain is not a blessing for the youth but a signal to seek help from alumni.” He added, “I hope the mentoring program continues to be more helpful to students next year by analysing the strengths and weaknesses found in the first trial and making changes accordingly.”

At the HUFS Alumni Scholarship award ceremony, six students three each from the Seoul Campus and the Global Campus each received a scholarship of KRW 1.5 million. Beginning next year, the HUFS Alumni Association plans to award the scholarship to more students.


GTEP Participates in the MIFB 2018 and K-Beauty Expo 2018

The members of the HUFS Global Training Experts Incubating Program (GTEP) participated in in the Malaysian International Food & Beverage Trade Fair (MIFB) 2018 held in Kuala Lumpur in June and the K-Beauty Expo 2018 held in Korea in October.

The MIFB 2018 is one of the largest food fairs held in Southeast Asia and is joined by numerous companies from all around the world. There are not only food manufacturers but also other food-related companies such as food materials and kitchen equipment suppliers.

GTEP student members participated together with Asia Food, a dried laver-based snack manufacturer based in Gimhae, and showcaed products, rendered interpretation & translation support, gave business talks for exports, and engaged in other such activities.

For the food fair, Asia Food prepared a variety of dried laver (gim) products, including janggun gim, which is dried laver seasoned in various flavors; gim snack, which has almond chips and sesame seeds between layers of dried laver; and gimeopo, which is dried laver layered with seasoned dried fish.

These products were developed after years of research by the company and were big hits with local buyers and visitors alike.

Han Seung-jae, an international business major who participated in the MIFB, said, “True to its name as the largest food fair in Southeast Asia, the MIFB was huge. As Korean dried laver was well received in the Malaysian market, most products, including gim snack and gimeopo as well as seasoned dried laver, were popular. There were especially many Chinese buyers. It was a meaningful experience as I was able to have export talks with Chinese buyers in Chinese directly.”

The K-Beauty Expo 2018 is a fair organized by KINTEX and KOTRA. It is one of Korea’s largest beauty fairs joined by over 430 Korean and foreign companies from 38 countries around the world.

GTEP student members participated together with SOROCI, a Korean cosmetic company, and showcased products, rendered interpretation & translation support, gave business talks for exports, and engaged in other such activities.

SOROCI means a natural, unspoiled state. It is a state in which something has never been touched, affected, or changed. The products feature low irritation and high absorption as only natural ingredients are used. They are especially effective for sensitive, trouble-prone skin.

Park Ki-hyun, an international business major who participated in the Expo, said, “Living up to its fame as Korea’s largest beauty fair, it was impressive in that various companies and buyers from all over the world participated in the fair, just like any other international fairs held overseas. I felt proud as K-beauty is well-known worldwide and many foreign buyers were interested in Korean cosmetic products. Although I was not familiar with the field of cosmetics when I began preparing for the EXPO, in the process, I learned a lot about basic skincare products and the use of each product. It was a great opportunity to experience the popularity of K-beauty firsthand.”

The GTEP program nurtures global trade experts. It is organized by MOTIE, and training is provided by the KFTA. It aims to develop the kinds of talents that companies need in the field by combining working knowledge of trade and on-the-job training and supporting the export business of SMEs at various expos held in Korea and abroad.