[Scholarship News] “The pursuit of knowledge is valuable, yet far more valuable is a life of sharing.” (January-March)
[Scholarship News] “The pursuit of knowledge is valuable, yet far more valuable is a life of sharing.” (January-March)
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HUFS names lecture room after alumnus donor Jeon Seong-Cheol

HUFS held a ceremony on March 8, 2019, to name a lecture room on its Seoul Campus after an alumnus donor. During the ceremony, it named Lecture Room No. 225 of the Main Building in recognition of alumnus Jeon Seong-cheol. Mr. Jeon enrolled in the Department of Italian in 1976 and currently serves as the Representative Director of Save Co., Ltd. He has donated a total of around KRW 100 million to HUFS. His gifts have been used to establish a scholarship program in the Department of Italian. HUFS named Lecture Room 225 the Jeon Seol-cheol Lecture Room in honor of his generous contributions.

During the ceremony, HUFS President Kim In-chul stated in his congratulatory remarks, “The scholarship funds he has provided have helped our students advance their academic excellence and grow into global talents.” He went on to say, “I am grateful for his strong dedication to our institution, and I sincerely ask for his continued support for, and commitment to, our entire university.” In response, Mr. Jeon said, “As a person who runs a company, I understand how hard and demanding it is to run a university. I hope that my contributions have been able to assist you in your endeavors to nurture the limitless potential in every student and prepare them for life after graduation.” Expressing his gratitude, he added, “I am deeply thankful to the faculty members of the Department of Italian and other HUFS faculty and staff members for helping me stand here with you today.”

Mr. Jeon graduated from HUFS in 1983 and established the trading company Save Co., Ltd. in 1988. The company’s key export items are household goods and baby products. With nearly 30 years of international trade expertise and know-how, he has built Save Co., Ltd. into one of the nation’s leading trading companies and also a strong international player with a robust global business network.


HUFS Busan Alumni Association offers ‘19 scholarships

The HUFS Busan Alumni Association, chaired by Ahn Jong-ryang (Entrance Class of ‘76, Department of Thai), hosted a scholarship awards ceremony on March 4, 2019. The event was a huge success, with HUFS Busan alumni, HUFS faculty and staff, and scholarship recipients in attendance. The ceremony, entitled the ‘2019 HUFS Busan Alumni Association Scholarship Awards Ceremony,’ was emceed by the Association’s secretary Oh Cheol-hwan (Entrance Class of ‘83, Department of Political Science and International Relations). At the ceremony, the Association’s senior advisor, Yoon Seong-won (Entrance Class of ‘73, Department of English Education), presented the 2019 scholarships to five HUFS students.

All hailing from Busan, the five scholarship recipients were selected for their outstanding academic drive and performance. They include Kim Do-yeon (Entrance Class of ‘16, School of English for Interpretation and Translation), Kim Yoo-jin (Entrance Class of ’16, Department of Turkish and Azerbaijani), Park Jeong-yeon (Entrance Class of ‘18, Division of Japanese Language, Literature and Culture), Song Min-kyeong (Entrance Class of ’18, Division of Economics), and Jeong Su-mi (Entrance Class of ‘18, Department of Italian Interpretation and Translation). With the ‘19 scholarships, Mr. Yoon, the HUFS alumnus and senior advisor to the Association, has offered a total of KRW 38 million in scholarships for 25 HUFS students.

Mr. Yoon said at the ceremony, “I am honored to have all these distinguished guests at today’s HUFS Busan Alumni Scholarship Awards Ceremony. I hope that these scholarships, although they are small in amount, will help HUFS students from Busan achieve their academic goals.”


Hyunma Education Foundation holds the 9th scholarship awards ceremony

Hyunma Education Foundation (“HEF”) held its scholarship awards ceremony for 2019 at the Faculty Office Building of the Seoul Campus on February 28, 2019.

HEF Chairman Lee Seong-hee said at the ceremony, “Today is the most meaningful day of the year for our foundation, as we welcome new members to our group of scholarship recipients.” Stressing the importance of a well-rounded education built upon the partnership between families, schools, and society, he urged the students to make a positive impact on others.

Expressing his sincere appreciation to Chairman Lee, HUFS President Kim In-chul said, “I am deeply impressed by his humble lifestyle. He is an exemplary model of living a life of great simplicity yet profound devotion to future generations.”

Each semester, HEF offers full scholarships to a select number of HUFS students to help them reach their global potential.

This year, it is providing its 9th round of scholarships to 81 HUFS students. So far, the foundation has provided a total of KRW 560 million in scholarships.


Department of Arabic Holds a New Year’s Alumni Meeting and Awards the Alumni Scholarship

The Department of Arabic Alumni Association held the 2019 General Meeting and New Year’s Meeting on January 14, 2019. In the presence of about 70 participants, including 60 alumni and 10 students of Department of Arabic, the event was held successfully, including the introduction of the president and staff of the Department of Arabic Alumni Association, update on donation agreements from the Department of Arabic for the construction of a smart library, and discussions on the future development plan of the Department of Arabic. Also, the Alumni Scholarship was awarded to five students majoring in Arabic. The Alumni Association promised to offer the scholarship every year going forward indefinitely.


The 6th HUFS Staff Scholarship (Seed) Award Ceremony Held

The Sixth HUFS Staff Scholarship (Seed) (“Seed Scholarship”) award ceremony was held at the Seoul Campus Law School Building Room 402 on January 11, 2019.

Just as in the previous semester, four students (two from the Seoul campus, two from the Global Campus) were each awarded a scholarship of KRW 2 million. While duly fulfilling its mission of subsidizing tuition, the scholarship was awarded to students active in volunteer work and extra-curricular activities as well as showing outstanding academic achievements.

The HUFS staff members who attended the award ceremony stated they would strive to offer the scholarship to more students from various backgrounds and asked for the continued support and encouragement of the HUFS employees.

The Seed Scholarship was launched by the HUFS employees in 2015 to support the academic life and dreams of students. It has now developed into a scholarship fund that sponsors KRW 2 million to each of four students from the Seoul Campus and the Global Campus each semester.