[HUFS POWER] HUFS unveils the HUFS Media Center
[HUFS POWER] HUFS unveils the HUFS Media Center
  • 승인 2019.03.29 10:24
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HUFS held a ceremony to open the HUFS Media Center at the Main Building of the Seoul Campus on March 18, 2019.

The opening ceremony was attended by key HUFS officers, including HUFS President Kim In-chul, HUFS Seoul Campus Vice President Yoon Seok-man, HUFS Vice President of Finance and External Affairs and Development Kim Hak-tae, HUFS Global Campus Vice President Cho Ki-seong, HUFS Director of Public Relations Na Song-ju, and HUFS deans. Also in attendance were online HUFS student ambassadors (HUFSons) and offline HUFS student ambassadors (SAEROMIs).

Located in Office No. 223-2 of the Main Building, the HUFS Media Center is an integrated media center for creating and publishing various formats of online content. With its in-house recording studio, the Center enables the creation and publishing of high-quality online content. One of its main activities is to stream videos and live broadcasts on YouTube and Instagram, offering an open platform for students to communicate and connect with each other. It will also create promotional content for HUFSon events and talk shows, actively utilizing these new media channels to keep students engaged.

Through the HUFSon and SAEROMI student ambassador programs run by its strategy and public relations team, the HUFS Office of Public Relations uses online and offline promotions to reach its on- and off-campus audience.