[GLOBAL HUFS] Ground-breaking Ceremony for Phase 1 Development of Songdo Site Held
[GLOBAL HUFS] Ground-breaking Ceremony for Phase 1 Development of Songdo Site Held
  • 승인 2019.07.09 10:24
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On May 28, 2018, a ground-breaking ceremony was held for Phase 1 Development of the HUFS Songdo site in Songdo International City within the Incheon Free Economic Zone(IFEZ).

The HUFS Songdo site is set aside for education and research facilities located within High-Tech Industry Cluster(B) in Songdo International City in the IFEZ with a total area of 43,595(13,210pyeong). The site is best suited to accommodate a campus with cultural facilities and parks in the neighborhood. Its location close to Samsung Biologics is expected to promote HUFS’ industry-academia research collaboration.

The site will be developed in three phases and in Phase 1, approximately 20% of the area amounting to 8,374(2,538pyeong) will be developed to construct the HUFS International Support Center, a multi-purpose lecture building which will have one basement level and three stories above ground with a total floor area of 2,680(812pyeong). The building will have 15 lecture rooms, an exhibition hall, and a small auditorium.

The ceremony was attended by HUFS President Kim In-chul, Chairman Kim Chong-chul of the school foundation, and Go Nam-seok, the head of the Yeonsu-gu office. President Kim In-chul noted that, “This campus is where HUFS embraces the advanced technologies offered by Songdo International City and will become a springboard that generates synergies from industry-government-academia collaboration and enhances global competitiveness.