[GLOBAL HUFS] Jean Monnet Centres of Excellence Successfully Held the Model European Union 2019
[GLOBAL HUFS] Jean Monnet Centres of Excellence Successfully Held the Model European Union 2019
  • 승인 2019.07.09 10:27
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The Model European Union(MEU) 2019 was held at the Obama Hall within HUFS May 23, 2019. The MEU 2019 was co-hosted by the three Jean Monnet EU Centres of HUFS, Yonsei University and Korea University. The MEU witnessed participation by over 300 participants and generated avid interest from high school students from eight high schools in Seoul in addition to presidents and delegations from twenty or so universities from Korea and Europe.

At the opening ceremony starting at 10 a.m., Director Kim Si-hong of the HUFS Jean Monnet Center of Excellence(JMCE) gave a welcoming speech followed by a keynote speech by the Head of the Political Section of the EU Delegation to the ROK Joelle Hivonnet.

The morning session started with the question: 'How can all European Union Member States agree on one Migration Policy? In the session, the President of the European Union Parliament(Kang Na-kyeong of HUFS) delivered a keynote. The students representing each Member State presented and discussed the views of each Member State.

The main session continued at 2 p.m. and the students engaged in heated debates and discussions to reach a final Council Conclusion. The Conclusion contains five items including a measure to prevent illegal migration, strengthen national borders, and information sharing among the Member States and relevant details. After the President announced the final Conclusion, it was put to a Qualified Majority Vote(QMV), the EU’s unique voting procedure. The Conclusion was passed as 16 out of 28 delegates agreed to the European Council Conclusion, for a total of 73% of the votes on migration.

In the closing and award ceremony, HUFS Vice President Yoon Seok-man and Head of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Korea Michael Reiterer delivered their congratulatory remarks and the President of the European Commission(Ahn Se-hyeon of Seoul National University) announced the Council Conclusion and the outcome of the session.