[Honorable HUFS] “The pursuit of knowledge is valuable, yet far more valuable is a life of sharing.” (July-September)
[Honorable HUFS] “The pursuit of knowledge is valuable, yet far more valuable is a life of sharing.” (July-September)
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■ HUFS College of English Alumni Association invites Bank of Hope CEO for a lecture

The HUFS College of English Alumni Association (President Yoon Yong-Ro, College of English, entrance class of 1974, Chairman of KORAMCO REITS & TRUST) invited Kevin S. Kim, CEO of Bank of Hope, to offer a lecture on September 5, 2019. During his visit, Mr. Kim, an alumnus of the College of English (entrance class of 1976), delivered his special lecture at the International Conference Room of the Minerva Complex on the Seoul Campus.

Before his lecture, CEO Kim said, “Now that I’ve come back to campus after so long, I feel my heart full of joy. This is because I can look back on all the memories of my good old days and, above all, I am here talking in front of you.” He went on to say, “Before I begin, I would like to thank Mr. Yoon, President of our Alumni Association, and HUFS President Kim In-Chul for giving me this invaluable opportunity to be with my juniors.”


In his lecture, CEO Kim shared the lessons he has learned from his career and life with his juniors and alumni members. Among them are the spirit of ‘taking a plunge into a new world’ and ‘things to keep in mind to achieve one's goals during that process.’


He concluded his lecture, saying “It is ridiculous to abandon all the things that you have learned and experienced and blindly follow others or try to be someone you are not. I hope you will quit doing that and try to develop your unique strengths and abilities.”

After graduating from HUFS, he earned his MBA at UCLA. He then began his career by joining an accounting firm in the United States. In November 2014, he was appointed CEO of BBCN Bank. At the helm of the integration of BBCN and Wilshire, he took the lead in creating America’s first super regional Korea-American bank and has grown it into the largest Korean-American bank in the U.S. Recognizing his exceptional achievements, the LA Business Journal has chosen him as one of LA’s 500 most influential people in business for the fourth year in a row.


■ Celebrating its 40th anniversary, GSIT holds the 9th APTIF and the Alumni Night

The Interpretation and Translation Institute (Director Lee In-Seop) held the 9th Asia-Pacific Translation and Interpretation Forum (APTIF) together with the Korean Association of Translators and Interpreters (KATO, President Kim Soon-Mi). The three-day forum began with an opening ceremony on July 5, 2019. At the ceremony attended by some 200 prominent figures, Ban Ki-Moon, the 8th Secretary General of the United Nations; Professor Lee Eo-Ryeong; Kevin Quirk, President of the International Federation of Translators; and Kim Sa-In, President of the Literature Translation Institute of Korea, all delivered their congratulatory remarks. In particular, Professor Lee shared his insight by saying that translation has created an interface culture that has connected one civilization to another throughout the history of human civilization.

That night, the United Foundation presented the GSIT 40th Anniversary Concert. The event celebrating the 40th anniversary of the HUFS Graduate School of Interpretation and Translation was joined by the forum’s scholars and presenters from home and abroad. The following evening of July 6, 2019, featured the GSIT Alumni Night emceed by GSIT Alumna Anh Hyun-Mo. The event was attended by some 500 people, including the forum’s participants and GSIT alumni and students. At the event, GSIT students and alumni each presented performances that received much praise. In particular, a Nanta-style performance staged by HUFS Alumnus Song Seung-Hwan brought the atmosphere to its peak, helping make the event a successful one.


■ HUFS Global Volunteers carry out their 2019 summer volunteer activities

HUFS Global Volunteers carried out their 2019 summer volunteer activities from August 3 to 11 at An Phuoc B Elementary School in the Binh Long District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Deeply impressed by the efforts of the HUFS volunteers in the previous three years since 2016, the Binh Long Office of Education asked the group to carry out the volunteer program again for the local students. During their fourth visit, the HUFS volunteers provided the young students with both learning and cultural activities, while HUFS provided the school with financial support to help it improve its facilities, such as painting the external walls.


For this year's summer program, 20 HUFS Global Volunteers were selected and trained to prepare for their volunteer work. After the two-month training, they were sent to the Binh Long District to teach some 120 local students. They provided the students with educational and cultural services, including Korean language, arts, science, music, and physical education lessons over nine days.


In addition, the HUFS volunteers had an alumni night with HUFS alumni members in Vietnam. The event was joined by Jo Jung-Kook, President of HUFS Alumni Vietnam (entrance class of 1981, Department of Spanish, currently Chairman of RPM Vietnam), and other senior alumni members as well as young alumni including Jung Ji-Hoon, Secretary of HUFS Alumni Vietnam (entrance class of 2003, Department of Chinese Language, Literature, and Culture, currently Associate Attorney at Iksun Law Firm). During the alumni event, the alumni members offered words of encouragement to the volunteers and shared information on finding a job and living abroad, thus forging strong bonds with each other.

HUFS Dean of Student Affairs and Human Resources Development Kim Soo-Wan visited the HUFS volunteers and provided them with on-site support. He also met with the Binh Long District authorities and the headmaster of the elementary school, expressing his gratitude for their warm welcome to the HUFS students for four years in a row. He also pledged his commitment to making continued efforts to fulfill the goals of the HUFS Global Volunteer Program: building a global network for HUFS students, cultivating global leadership, and developing a strong sense of service.


■ HUFS holds the 2019 HUFS X HUFS Alumni Mentoring Workshop

- ‘Alumni are here to help you!’

HUFS X HUFS Summer Camp that transcends generations and regions


The 2019 HUFS X HUFS Alumni Mentoring Workshop was held by HUFS and the HUFS Alumni Association (President Min Dong-Seok) at the Global Campus from July 5 to 6, 2019.

Some 20 mentors and 60 mentees joined the two-day workshop. These mentors had conversations with their mentees, answering questions about careers, future jobs, dreams, and the future.


On the first day, the workshop began with a career-building lecture followed by a video conversation with, and a mentoring lecture by, alumni members with successful overseas careers. After this, the mentees were given some time to take an open mentoring tour, freely engaging in conversations with any of the participating mentors.


On the second day, the mentors and mentees joined the disability awareness project MBC Our Village Peter Pan, donating items that they do not use anymore. Donating a fountain pen, HUFS President Kim In-Chul said, “Transforming donated unwanted items into valuable ones for sale, the Goodwill Store offers job opportunities to people with disabilities. This is an innovative platform for them to change their lives through work. I would like to support and encourage them to take pride in themselves as they contribute to society by working at the Goodwill Store.” HUFS Alumni President Min Dong-Seok donated a handcrafted photo frame with African animals engraved on it, a gift from the Malawi Minister of Education. He expressed his willingness to join this donation, saying “This frame has hung in our house for a long time, but I decided to donate it so that it can be used for a good cause.”


After the donation event, the mentors joined a talk concert with the mentees, listening to the mentees’ opinions and wishes. This was followed by an alumni scholarship award ceremony.


One of the mentees was HUFS student Oh Sang-Young (Department of Russian Studies). He expressed his thanks to the participating mentors, saying “I was fretful and worried about the future. Now with the mentors’ warm advice, encouragement, support, and information, I think I can clearly see my path to the future.”

The HUFS Alumni Association launched the HUFS X HUFS Alumni Mentoring Program in 2018, establishing a mentoring system between alumni and undergraduates to help undergraduates grow into future global leaders. Over the last two years, around 155 alumni and 520 undergraduate students have participated in the program.


■ HUFS volunteers teach Korean language in Vietnam

HUFS Korean language education volunteers left for Vietnam on August 3, 2019. During their stay in the country, they will provide a short-term Korean language course to students and transfer their teaching expertise. The volunteer team consists of students from the HUFS Graduate School of KFL and also from the Department of Korean Education of the College of Education. This volunteer trip is part of the Gyeonggi Youth Volunteer Corps Abroad, and HUFS was chosen as a partner university for the project. The HUFS students are going to carry out their volunteer work at Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities. This university has signed an agreement with HUFS for international exchanges and also runs smart classes under the sponsorship of Korea's Gyeonggi Province.

Before their volunteer work, the HUFS students had five official meetings last month. These meetings aimed at training them to better serve the local community. More specifically, the students had a Vietnamese lesson in their first meeting. After that, they were divided into teams to have meetings on how to provide useful lectures to Vietnamese students. In addition, they took part in safety training to stay safe throughout their stay in the country.

The Gyeonggi Youth Volunteer Corps Abroad is being launched this year by Gyeonggi Province. This program aims to offer youth an opportunity to contribute to the international community through their volunteer work and explore overseas job opportunities, thereby helping them grow into global talents.


■ HUFS offers the 7th staff scholarships

HUFS held the 7th HUFS staff scholarships (“Seed Scholarships”) awards ceremony at the Centennial Complex of its Global Campus on September 10, 2019.

At the ceremony, four HUFS students (two each from the Seoul Campus and Global Campus) received scholarships of two million won. Serving their original purpose as tuition scholarships, the Seed Scholarships are granted to those with excellence in academic performance and in volunteering and other activities on and off campus.


HUFS staff participating in the ceremony said that they will continue to offer scholarships to more, and more various, students, asking for further support and encouragement.


Established in 2015 by HUFS administrative staff to help students pursue their studies and dreams, the Seed Scholarship Program has grown in size and now awards four HUFS students from the Seoul Campus and Global Campus a scholarship of two million won each semester.


■ HUFS Community Service Center reports the volunteer project results for spring semester 2019

The HUFS Community Service Center reported its volunteer project results for spring semester 2019 at the International Conference Room of the Minerva Complex on the Seoul Campus on August 21, 2019.

During the spring semester, the Center recruited volunteers and organized them into volunteer groups, offering students various volunteering opportunities and strengthening the overall capacity of HUFS to donate and volunteer. As a result, it selected 42 students through its document screening and interview.


These students have been grouped into teams of five or so and have performed volunteer services on and outside of the Seoul Campus for three months from May to July 2019. On the campus, they improved physical learning environments, such as lecture rooms and study rooms; mentored foreign exchange students; provided assistance to the campus cafeteria; policed the campus; maintained non-smoking areas; and helped with waste recycling. Outside of the campus, they carried out various volunteer activities at local childcare centers (child education), senior welfare centers (senior care), kindergartens, and youth support centers (mentoring).


HUFS Dean Kim Bong-Chul attended the report presentation. Offering his words of encouragement to the students, he said, “I sincerely thank all of our volunteers who worked diligently during the semester. I hope HUFS can continue to develop new and unique volunteering ideas, thereby contributing to the local community and the entire nation.”