[GLOBAL HUFS] “Year-End Gathering” for HUFS dignitaries
[GLOBAL HUFS] “Year-End Gathering” for HUFS dignitaries
  • 승인 2020.01.15 13:56
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On November 21, 2019, the “Year-End Gathering” for HUFS dignitaries was held at the Plaza Hotel, Seoul. More than 150 key alumni, donors, department heads gathered for the event, which was organized by the university and the alumni association. Kang Young-eun, head of Cultural Project Production Center at MBC, emceed the event.

“It is great to see our HUFS members in one place,” remarked Dongwon Educational Foundation Chairman Kim Chong-chul. “The world is changing at a rapid pace, and the educational foundation and the university will come together to strategize for bigger plans for the future.”

During the year-end address that followed, HUFS President Kim In-chul said: “In times of the rapidly changing Fourth Industrial Revolution, we need talented people of ‘New Color.’ Only at HUFS, where humanism studies and science and engineering knowledge are balanced, can the New Color talent be nurtured through education.” In addition, he remarked: “Despite having no affiliated hospital, we advanced in the QS World University Rankings. In the future, we plan to acquire a general hospital and establish a School of Medicine and advance even further in the university rankings.”

In his welcoming speech, HUFS Alumni Association President Min Dong-Seok said, “To see the educational foundation, the university, and the alumni association collaborate as such gives me such pride.” In addition, he added, “The mentoring program—in its second year—is the first of its kind in HUFS history that is organized by the alumni association.” Furthermore, he added: “Since we initiated the general assembly of the alumni association for HUFS today, we plan to systematically organize mentoring affairs once the educational foundation is established. The esteemed mentoring program will bring a unique contribution to the HUFS community.”

Kwon Oh-gap, who surprised HUFS members with his promotion as the CEO of Hyundai Heavy Industries Holdings, started his speech by saying, “After I receive an award from HUFS, it seems I get promoted at my job,” which brought the crowd to laughter. “Do your best, the very best at everything you do and don’t settle for what’s enough,” he added. “HUFS should be dynamic every moment. Constantly change and never stop if you want to achieve something.” His remarks left a deep impression to all who attended.

Matthew D. Lee, President of the HUFS Association of Overseas Alumni, flew in from Washington D.C. for the event and said: “We should be grateful for all we’ve received this year, and I wish happiness and good health in your families.” As he proposed a toast he said, “Come to HUFS, meet the world.”

During the banquet, FILA Global Chairman Yoon Yoon-Soo was asked for a remark and he said, “I first attended a dental school at a different university but there was nothing to learn so I came to study at the Department of International Economics and Law at HUFS,” which humored the attendees. Chairman Yoon added: “I was able to lead FILA because HUFS provided a foreign language education like no other. Thanks to HUFS, I am belated at the rapid progress I have experienced at FILA.”

The “Year-End Gathering” was attended by Kwon Oh-gap (CEO of Hyundai Heavy Industries Holdings), Kim Deok-sul (CEO of Myungga Gim), Kim Jung-ryul (President of Cyber HUFS), Ahn Kyung-sook (President of Women’s Alumni Association), Ahn Hong-jin (Adviser of External Affairs), Yang In-mo (Head of Honorary Consuls of Korea), Matthew D. Lee (President of the HUFS Association of Overseas Alumni), Lee Sang-chul (CEO of Azure, CSJ & Co, Inc.), Cho Myung-duk (School of Law Honorary Alumnus), Jin Mi-kyung (visiting Professor), and many other distinguished guests.