[Event News] Today with HUFS for a Better Tomorrow! (January-March)
[Event News] Today with HUFS for a Better Tomorrow! (January-March)
  • 승인 2020.04.07 15:43
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■ HUFS holds ceremony for International Education Center in Songdo
On February 10, HUFS held an opening ceremony for the International Education Center in Songdo. The ceremony proceeded with opening remarks, business and status reports, introductions of honored guests, the chairman and president’s remarks, appreciation plaque ceremonies, tape cutting and photograph ceremonies, and closing remarks.

In attendance for the opening ceremony were Chairman Kim Chong-chul, President Kim In-chul, Members of National Assembly Lee Jung-mi and Min Kyong-wook, and Head of Yeonsu-gu Ko Nam-suk. In his remarks, President Kim In-chul said that Songdo International Business District is thriving as the center for high-tech industries and medical/bio businesses, such as Samsung Biologics and Celltrion with global medical engineering institutions in the vicinity. Such businesses will have a synergy effect with HUFS biomedical engineering schools for global competitiveness.

The Songdo site is expected to be developed in 3 stages, the first of which was completed with the opening of the HUFS International Education Center. The center encompasses 20% (8,374㎡) of the total land area with three stories and an underground floor. The center building itself is 2,680㎡ with 15 lecture rooms, administrative offices, exhibit halls, and an auditorium hall. In addition, the center has a futsal arena built on eco-friendly lawn and ample parking space.

The site is located in the Incheon Free Economic Zone of the Songdo International Business District in the high-tech cluster of district B, which is designated as an academic/research zone spanning on 43,595㎡ of land with cultural centers and community parks. HUFS is expected to increase its ties with the biotechnology firms located in the vicinity.

■ Bosnia and Herzegovina Ambassador Sinisa Berjan visits HUFS
On February 17, Bosnia and Herzegovina Ambassador in Korea and Japan Sinisa Berjan visited HUFS Global Campus. Ambassador Sinisa Berjan met with HUFS Vice President Cho Ki-sung in the Vice President’s Office in the Centennial Complex and held discussions about cooperation agreements between HUFS and universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


■ HUFS welcomes new faculty for spring semester of 2020
HUFS held a ceremony to welcome new faculty members appointed for the spring semester of 2020. At the ceremony held on March 3, the new members received official letters of appointment and participated in the new faculty orientation.

Chairman Kim Chong-Chul handed out the letters of appointment to the new HUFS faculty, calling on them to devote more time and effort for the cultivation of global talents as well as to the research and advancement of the institution. Also in attendance were President Kim In-chul, HUFS Seoul Campus Dean of Academic Affairs Na Min-gu, and HUFS Global Campus Dean of Academic Affairs Kim Yong-eh.

■ HUFS holds 2020 New Year’s kick-off ceremony
On January 2, HUFS held the 2020 New Year’s kick-off ceremony at Aekyung Hall, Seoul Campus.

Kwak Sun-joo (Dean of Administrative Support, Seoul) presided over the ceremony, which began with New Year’s messages by Kim Chong-chul (Chairman of the Dongwon Educational Foundation), Kim In-chul (President of HUFS), and Min Dong-seok (President of HUFS Alumni Association) and ended with all attending singing the university song of HUFS.

For the New Year’s pledge, President Kim In-chul said: “We wish the past discussions and plans for innovations come to a fruitful end this year. Reorganizing the school system, innovating education, balancing the developments between the two campuses, improving research performances, and increasing research investments are what we plan to accomplish.”

300 participants—including the directors of the Dongwon Educational Foundation and HUFS faculty and staff—attended the ceremony and wished a great start for HUFS in 2020.

■ “HUFS TO THE WORLD – Fact-check Cultural Expedition Program” kicks off
HUFS held a kick-off ceremony for the “HUFS TO THE WORLD – Fact-check Cultural Expedition Program” at the International Conference Room of the Minerva Complex (Seoul Campus) on December 27, 2019.

In attendance were Kim Bong-cheol (Dean of Student Affairs and Human Resource Development, Seoul Campus), Lee Sun-bum (the 53rd Interim Chief of Student Council), and 8 Cultural Expedition Teams (a total of 32 students) selected through intense competition.

Dean Kim Bong-cheol encouraged the participating students by saying, “We hope this program provides you with a chance to become active and adventurous,” and Student Interim Chief Lee Sun-bum added, “Through various opportunities, I hope we can share our experiences to form a unique identity of HUFS.”

Before the kick-off ceremony, Korea Human First Aid Association President Kim Soo-sung held a safety training session, including CPR, for the safety of the expedition team members. After the ceremony, CEO of Hocos., Ltd. Jung Je-hwan gave a special lecture on finding happiness and finding value through overseas expeditions and travels.

The Cultural Expedition Program will be carried out during winter vacation and is designed for HUFS students to enhance their understandings in humanities and regional studies by reading domestic and international key works and then visiting the places or persons featured in the works. The program was jointly planned and initiated by the Seoul Campus Student Affairs Team and the 53rd Interim Student Council. Through document reviews and interviews to ensure fair screening, 8 teams were selected and are expected to visit various regions.

■ HUFS holds 2019 Evening for Journalists
HUFS Journalist Association (HJA) held the 2019 Evening for Journalists at the Press Center—located at Taepyeong-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul—on December 26, 2019.

KBS announcer Jang Woong emceed the event, which was proceeded with congratulatory remarks by HJA President Choi Meng-ho, HUFS President Kim In-chul, President of HUFS Alumni Association Min Dong-seok, a HUFS Journalist Award ceremony, the election of a new HJA President, a group photo op, and a banquet. The HUFS Journalist Award went to SBS anchor Pyun Sang-wook (Dept. of German, entering class of ’87) and Dong-a Ilbo Deputy Managing Editor Shin Chi-young (GSIT, entering class of ’92). Hankyoreh Executive Director Kim Jong-gu (Dept. of Political Science and Diplomacy, entering class of ’77) was elected as the new HJA President.

In his remarks, President Kim In-chul said: “HUFS has traditionally been strong in diplomacy, commerce, and journalism since the beginning. The journalist alumni are the ones who upheld the tradition through newspapers and media. HUFS will fully support HUFS graduates to become future journalists, and we wish the alumni help us in these endeavors.”

In attendance for congratulations were HUFS President Kim In-chul, President of HUFS Alumni Association Min Dong-seok, HUFS Vice President Yoon Seok-man, Hankyoreh Executive Director Kim Jong-gu, KBS Vice President Jung Pil-mo (Dept. of Arabic, entering class of ’77), Korea Joongang Daily Executive Editorial Writer Ko Deh-hoon (Dept. of French, entering class of ’80), CEO of Korean Joongang Daily Yoo Kwon-ha (Dept. of German Education, entering class of ’80), and about 100 HUFS journalist alumni.