[HUFS Academic] HUFS Departments and Institutes News (April-June)
[HUFS Academic] HUFS Departments and Institutes News (April-June)
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HUFS Institute of Russian Studies holds ceremony for the 10th Russian Debate Championship

HUFS Institute of Russian Studies (Director Pyo Sang-yong) held an awards ceremony at the Russian Embassy in Korea for the 10th National Russian Debate Championship for Undergraduate and Graduate Students on June 19. In attendance were Andrey Kulik (Russian Ambassador), Prof. Kim Hyun-tek (HUFS Dept. of Russian), Alexander Sychugov (CEO of Aeroflot Korea), Cho Hyun-sook (Manager at Aeroflot Korea), and Kim Joon-suk HK Research Prof. (HUFS Institute of Russian Studies).

HUFS Institute of Russian Studies and the Russian Embassy in Korea have co-hosted the debate championship to enhance the social understanding of Russian studies. The championship has been held annually since 2011. This year’s 10th championship was held online due to COVID-19.

To encourage students who have not had the opportunity to study in Russia to participate, the 10th Debate Championship limited the qualification for participation to students who have lived in Russia for two years or less. Despite being held online, 40 students participated from all over Korea, showing great interest in the championship.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII, the 75th anniversary of Korea’s independence, and the 75th anniversary of Russia’s victory over Nazi Germany. Considering this, the theme of the championship was chosen as “Same but different 75th anniversaries,” and participants expressed their views online.

HUFS student Lee Ga-hee (senior in Dept. of Russian) won the grand prize and received a roundtrip ticket to Moscow (the Aeroflot Prize). To other top winners, scholarship was awarded by the Russian Embassy, and all other winners received an award certificate signed by the Russian Ambassador.


HUFS Institute of Indian Studies HK+ Project Team holds special online lecture

HUFS Institute of Indian Studies HK+ Project Team held a special online lecture on April 24 via WebEx. The special lecturer was Dr. Lloyd Edward Price and his research specialty is on the history of Southeast Asian environment and animals and he teaches Southeast and East Asian History at Cardiff University. The topic of the special online lecture was on his research about the history of bulls in Southeast Asia from his forthcoming book.

In the lecture, Dr. Price explained the variety of cows in northern India in the early 20th century and the wandering bulls and the problems of decrease in numbers. In the late 19th century, the British colonial government carried out research projects on the variety and development of animals in India. Tension was built up among the bulls controlled by the colonial government, the native Brahman bulls, and the bulls left wandering at funeral sites. This issues involved in the tension was highlighted in the colonial history of science, expanding into arguments between colonialists and nationalists from the economic, environmental, and cultural perspectives.

The special online lecture, as a measure of social distancing, was attended by 36 participants and received a warm reception.


HUFS Department of South Slavic Studies holds online semester kick-off ceremony

HUFS Department of South Slavic Studies held an online semester kick-off ceremony on March 16 via WebEx, an online video conference platform.

A total of 95 people—including all faculty members, the entering class, and current students—attended the ceremony, the first of its kind. In addition, students studying in Serbia and Croatia and those in self-quarantine after studying abroad attended the ceremony. The ceremony included remarks from the alumni president and the dean, introductions of the professors, and presentations of students about their study-abroad experiences, the same way as an offline ceremony.