[Event News] Today with HUFS for a Better Tomorrow! (April-June)
[Event News] Today with HUFS for a Better Tomorrow! (April-June)
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Office of Admissions holds appointment ceremony for HUFStar

On April 9, HUFS Office of Admissions held a HUFStar appointment ceremony in the Main Building Room 109. HUFStar are student ambassadors for admissions and consist of 11 students (6 male, 5 female) from 9 divisions, and their activity period is from April 2020 until February 2020. HUFStar will be involved in providing admissions advice and visiting high schools and official gatherings to give presentations in a student-friendly way.


2021 model essay test, interviews, teacher conferences, and high school visitations online/offline events

HUFS Office of Admissions (Dean of Business Administration Park Ji-hye) will hold a model essay test, interviews, teacher conferences, and high school visitations for students, parents, and teachers preparing for the entrance exams in 2021. The events will be held online/offline due to social distancing measures for the COVID-19 crisis.

Registration for the 2021 model essay test will start from the end of May until the beginning of June, and the essays must be submitted during June. The results of the tests will be published online from the end of June until the beginning of July. Unlike the previous year, the regional offline essay tests will be canceled, replaced by online tests. The time periods may change due to high school attendance situations based on COVID-19 warnings.

The HUFS ON THE ROAD event will be held offline, but a newly implemented HUFS ON THE WEB will be added for informationally-challenged regions. The agricultural, fishing, and western island regions will have model interviews, with preliminary document reviews based on school life records and cover letters, and interviews given via video conference. Only teachers can apply for the events, and registration ends in mid-June, and interviews will be held during July and August. If schools lack a video conference system, HUFS will lend laptops.

In addition, for preventative measures of the COVID-19, the teacher conferences will be held online and offline. Previously, the events were held offline, but online events were added for social distancing purposes and to narrow the gap for the informationally-challenged regions. This year, HUFS will host 46 teacher conferences and 11 conferences (25%) will be held online.

The 2021 high school visitations are ongoing based on the high school attendance situations for the 450 high schools that have registered in April. A teacher conference may be held upon request by high schools. If the high school semester is affected by the COVID-19 situation, the visitation plans may be changed or replaced by online conferences.


HUFS Center for Korean Language and Culture appoints student ambassadors

HUFS Center for Korean Language and Culture held an appointment ceremony for student ambassadors on April 2. Three CKLC student ambassadors from Japan, Malaysia, and Brazil were selected after document reviews and interviews. The student ambassadors will promote the CKLC and school life via personal SNS accounts and the official CKLC SNS account.

Through the student ambassadors, CKLC plans to promote Korean education, school functions, and official news of HUFS and CKLC. Kim Jae-kyung (CKLC Team Manager) said he appreciates the volunteer activity of the student ambassadors despite the difficult times of COVID-19 and that the school would fully support them.