[Honorable HUFS] “The pursuit of knowledge is valuable, yet far more valuable is a life of sharing.” (April-June)
[Honorable HUFS] “The pursuit of knowledge is valuable, yet far more valuable is a life of sharing.” (April-June)
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Study room dedicated to Lee Suk-joo alumnus (class of ’79, Dept. of Spanish)

On June 16, HUFS held a dedication ceremony of the Lee Suk-joo Alumnus Study Room on the first floor of the Smart Library. Chairman of Lim Duck Chemical/Saelim Lee Suk-joo (class of ’79, Dept. of Spanish) donated KRW 100 million to HUFS.

Chairman Lee Suk-joo has donated scholarship since 2015, in addition to the KRW 100 million he made recently, a testament of the love for his alma mater. After visiting the newly constructed Smart Library, chairman Lee said, “I wish I could go back in time and study in such a wonderful library.”

In attendance were HUFS President Kim In-chul, HUFS Vice President of Finance and External Affairs and Development Kim Hak-tae, HUFS Dean of International Affairs Lee Yu-na, Dean of Office of External Development Lee Jae-won, Director of Public Relations Na Song-ju, and Dean of Business Support Park Joong-chan.

After graduating from HUFS Dept. of Spanish in 1986, Lee became the Chairman of Lim Duck Chemical in 1996. After numerous innovations and quality improvements, Lim Duck Chemical became a leading Korean company for adhesive agents and textile processing, and Saelim also became a leading company for label sticker manufacturing.


HUFS employees receive service plaques

On March 10, a presentation ceremony was held in the President’s Office to honor the service of retiring HUFS employees. Kang Seung-chang, Baek Kyung-hee, Cho Chun-bok, Kim Bum-jin received service plaques for their years of work at HUFS. President Kim In-chul thanked them for their service, and Kwak Sun-joo (Dean of Administrative Support) offered his regards at the ceremony.


HUFS-USC Alumni Chorus gives concert

HUFS-USC Alumni Chorus (Head Kim Jae-kwon) performed at the Zipper Concert Hall and uploaded the video on YouTube. The chorus has performed six concerts thus far, and this performance was given to benefit the children from multicultural families. The performances by mezzo-soprano Sharon Kim (daughter of alumnus Kim In-yong) and saxophonist Dr. Hwang Sun-ho also drew attention.