[Global HUFS] HUFS holds ceremony for Smart Library’s Hall of Fame and FILA Acushnet Hall
[Global HUFS] HUFS holds ceremony for Smart Library’s Hall of Fame and FILA Acushnet Hall
  • 승인 2020.06.30 10:11
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On May 15, HUFS held a ceremony at the Smart Library (Seoul Campus) to mark the 66th Anniversary of HUFS and the completion of the library. The ceremony started with a tape-cutting event and Hall of Fame dedication on the first floor of the library.

In attendance for the ceremony to thank the donors for their generosities were Kim Chong-chul (Chairman of Dongwon Educational Foundation), Kim In-chul (President of HUFS), Min Dong-seok (President of HUFS Alumni Association), Choi Meng-ho (Executive at Dongwon Educational Foundation), Yoon Yoon-soo (CEO of Fila Acushnet), Kim Young-yul (CEO of Sung Chang Indonesia), Kim Deok-sul (CEO of Myungga Gim), Ahn Hong-jin (Board Member at Samsung·Hyosung), Yang In-jib (CEO of Onycom), Ahn Kyu-baek (Member of the National Assembly), Kim Se-won (Advisor of Women’s Alumni Association), and Kim Jong-gu (Senior Editor of Hankyoreh and President of HUFS Journalist Association).

A total of 253 donors were registered at the Hall of Fame on the first floor of the Smart Library to promote their generosities. A donors’ kiosk was set up to the left of the front entrance, making it available to search the donors’ names and plaques, and to the right are the donors’ nameplates distinguished by donation amounts.

In addition, a dedication ceremony was held for the Smart Library’s FILA Acushnet Hall. Yoon Yoon-soo (CEO of Fila Acushnet and class of ’66, Dept. of Political Science and Diplomacy) has donated KRW 2 billion for the construction of the Smart Library. To thank CEO Yoon, HUFS designated the 5th floor conference room as the FILA Acushnet Hall and created a copperplate to promote CEO Yoon’s love for his alma mater and recognize his social contributions.

The FILA Acushnet Hall can accommodate 180 people and has a built-in stairway that stretches from the fifth to sixth floor. The front of the hall has windows for openness and the folding doors allow for various usages.