[HUFS Career Events and Workshops] HUFS supports career development as well as entrepreneurship and employment (July-September)
[HUFS Career Events and Workshops] HUFS supports career development as well as entrepreneurship and employment (July-September)
  • 승인 2020.10.23 15:08
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■ Seoul City Campus Town Enterprise Organization opens New Business Support Platform
HUFS Seoul City Campus Town Enterprise Organization (Enterprise Organization) created a New Business Support Platform, which recruits new business teams and provides office space for free. The office space belongs to the Enterprise Organization and is located on the 3rd floor of Hwigyeong-ro 20.

Starting on August 26, the Enterprise Organization recruited teams for 2 weeks and a total of 30 teams applied. Through a fair screening process, the organization selected 8 teams as the finalists. The teams will be supported with monthly rent, maintenance fees, and utility bills. In addition, the teams will receive free consulting from experts in related fields.
The opening ceremony on September 24 was attended by Enterprise Organization Director Yoon Seong-woo, Spring Officials Ka Jung-joon, Kwak Sun-joo, Park Chi-wan, and Team Manager Shin Sun-ho. From the teams, Pop Station CEO Park Woo-ram, Hyundai Graphic CEO Lim Da-som, Art Bee Won Jong-min and CEO Ahn So-yoon, Atelier De Gabriel CEO Kim Jun-seong, and Humans of HUFS CEO Park Hyo-ri attended the ceremony.
Director Yoon Seong-woo congratulated each team for moving in and wished them well for their business activities.
The selected teams can use the platform until December, 2020. Afterwards, the Enterprise Organization will review their performances and work ethics and decide whether or not to extend the rental agreement. If there is a vacancy, a recruitment process will take place in January, 2021.

■ Employment Bridge Program holds ceremony for 2nd-year students
HUFS Employment Bridge Program held a ceremony for the completion of studies and starting of practicum for the 2nd-year students of the program on July 2 and 3. In attendance at the ceremony were the Program Director, Deputy Director, professors, and 2nd-year students.

The 2nd-year students will participate in field practice at companies in July, 2020, and the professors provided advice for the students on field practice and employment at the ceremony.
At the ceremony, Director Jeon Jong-geun said that the students will be evaluated by businesses in the field and their performances will reflect upon HUFS, so they should act responsibly and accordingly to uphold the esteem of themselves and HUFS.
The Gyeonggi-do University Student Employment Bridge Program was created to resolve the mismatch between university students and companies. Participating students receive specialized education in preparation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the form of 5 months of education at school and 5 months of field experience with each student receiving a total of 12,500,000 won in total.