[HUFS POWER] HUFS Global Campus Employment Bridge Program receives 3 awards
[HUFS POWER] HUFS Global Campus Employment Bridge Program receives 3 awards
  • 승인 2020.10.23 15:14
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HUFS Global Campus Employment Gyeonggi-do Bridge Program received awards in 3 categories—university, company, student—from Gyeonggi-do Province and Gyeonggi-do Employment Agency for the 2020 Employment Bridge Program.

The Gyeonggi-do Bridge Program for university students received a four-year grant totaling 355,000,000 won starting in 2019, which involves selecting students, educating them in business practices at the university for 5 months and in the business field for 5 months, and helping them find jobs. Selected students receive 500,000 won each month while attending classes for a 5-month educational period (totaling 2,500,000 won) and while in the business field they receive 2,000,000 won each month for a 5-month training period (totaling 10,000,000 won), which amounts to a total of 12,500,000 won per student.
HUFS received an award for implementing a practical business hiring culture, and the program’s business field partner Korea Asset Pricing Co. and student Jeon Bu-kyeong (senior in electrical engineering) received an award for company and university student, amounting to a total of 3 awards in different categories.
Upon receiving the award, Professor Jeon Jong-geun (Director of the Bridge Program) thanked Gyeonggi-do and the foundation for providing such an opportunity, as well as the professors who taught the courses and employees who worked for the program.
After the ceremony, representatives from Gyeonggi-do and the Gyeonggi-do Employment Agency held a meeting with HUFS professors to talk about ways of improvement and future plans.