[GLOBAL HUFS] HUFS International Model United Nations (HIMUN) holds 44th General Assembly
[GLOBAL HUFS] HUFS International Model United Nations (HIMUN) holds 44th General Assembly
  • 승인 2020.10.23 15:22
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On September 27, the 44th HUFS HIMUN General Assembly was held at the COEX Auditorium. Due to the continuous spread of COVID-19, this year’s General Assembly was held as an “untact” event for the first time ever.

Under the theme of “New Climate Regime: International Governance for the Future of Forests,” the assembly was held in conjunction with the Korea Forest Service to promote awareness among university students who live in a global era of forest restoration and sustainable management.
Despite being held online, 500 members participated in the 44th general assembly, which was held in a lively fashion by relay interpretations in six different UN official languages to reflect the fundamentals and manners of the actual UN General Assembly.
In addition, HUFS President Kim In-chul, Korea Forest Service Director Park Jong-ho, Ambassador of Sweden in Korea Jakob Hallgren, British Embassy Economic and Prosperity Counselor Mark Buttigieg, and Director of Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Korea Dr. Christian Taaks sent congratulatory videos for the general assembly.
Established in 1958, HUFS HIMUN General Assembly reached the 62nd anniversary this year and is recognized as the first in Korea and the best foreign language academic conference at the university level. The motto, “Freedom, Peace, and Benevolence for International Peace and Safety” is based on the fundamental concepts of the UN, and the conference is known to nurture cooperation among young people who will lead in a global era.