[Honorable HUFS] “The pursuit of knowledge is valuable, yet far more valuable is a life of sharing.” (October-December)
[Honorable HUFS] “The pursuit of knowledge is valuable, yet far more valuable is a life of sharing.” (October-December)
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■ STAY STRONG! HUFS will be with you to overcome COVID-19. – HUFS President Kim In-chul -


This is Kim In-chul, the President of HUFS. Despite the grave situation brought upon by COVID-19, HUFS is doing its best to take preventive measures for the safety of students, professors, and administrators of HUFS.

The number of confirmed cases has increased in comparison to the past few months, but comparing the rates and number of cases we can see that Korea’s prevention measures and medical care system are up to the standards of advanced nations. We should feel a sense of pride as we continue on to wisely overcome this situation.

Best Regards,

Kim In-chul
The STAY STRONG campaign is a relay public service campaign started by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Mar. 2020 to keep the spirits high during the time of COVID-19.


■ Austrian Ambassador Angerholzer Gives Special Lecture at HUFS

The newly-appointed Austrian Ambassador in Korea Wolfgang Angerholzer visited HUFS on Nov. 2020.

The ambassador visited the Austrian library located in the Main Building and donated books to help students improve their German and increase their understandings of German culture and literature.

After the donation, the ambassador gave a special lecture on the topic of Austria as the Center of International Organizations at the Faculty Office Building.

■ HK Produce Group Holds 2nd Scholarship Ceremony at HUFS

HK Produce Group held its 2nd Scholarship Ceremony at the Faculty Office Building in Oct. 2020.

CEO Kim Jong-ho (German of ’89) has been donating 100 million won since 2019 for scholarship, and the 1st HK Produce Group scholarship recipients were selected in 2019. Despite the economic downturn around the world, HK Produce Group has been committed in showing its school spirit with continuous support.

CEO Kim said that he felt a sense of pride in how Korea protected its people from COVID-19, and that he wished the scholarship would help the younger generation at HUFS focus on their studies.

CEO Kim is the leader of HK Produce Group, which is a distribution company of 20 years with branch offices in New York, Maryland, and LA.