[GLOBAL HUFS] HUFS Celebrates Its 67th Anniversary
[GLOBAL HUFS] HUFS Celebrates Its 67th Anniversary
  • 승인 2021.08.02 15:15
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̶ It held its 67th anniversary celebration at the Int’l Conference Room, Minerva Complex, Seoul Campus, on April 19, 2021 (Mon.).
̶ The event was highlighted by the ceremonial speeches of Chairperson Kim Jong-Chul, HUFS President Kim In-Chul and HUFS Alumni Association President Min Dong-Seok.
̶ The Dongwon Translation Award, Long-Term Service Award, Best Faculty Award and Best Staff Award were handed out at the celebration.

On April 19, 2021 (Mon.) at 11 a.m., HUFS launched the celebration for its 67th anniversary at the International Conference Room in the Minerva Complex on the Seoul Campus. Due to the COVID 19 situation, HUFS scaled down the celebration in strict compliance with social distancing regulations.

Moderated by Kwak Sun-Joo, HUFS Seoul Campus Dean of Administration Support, the event began with a presentation on HUFS’s milestones by Lee Tae-Wook, Dean of Planning and Coordination, followed by opening, welcoming and congratulatory remarks by Chairperson Kim Jong-Chul of the university foundation, HUFS President Kim In-Chul and HUFS Alumni Association President Min Dong-Seok, respectively.

Chairperson Kim said in his remarks, “Our key strength lies in our excellence in foreign language and linguistics education. It is my great pleasure to give our foundation’s new award, the Dongwon Translation Award, to two scholars for their stellar translation accomplishments and their resulting contribution to advancing our institution’s academic excellence and external standing.”

He also urged all members of the HUFS community to work together to transform and innovate in order to survive and prosper amid this time of great challenges posed by Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and the coronavirus pandemic.

Extending his congratulations, HUFS President Kim stated, “Together with all HUFS faculty, staff and students, I will uphold the pride and grand mission of HUFS as a prestigious private university that has produced 170,000 graduates at the forefront of the nation’s industrialization and globalization and also as an institution of multidisciplinary education and research with a long-standing tradition in humanities studies, which is equal in academic strength to the nation’s top universities of engineering and technology.”

HUFS Alumni Association President Min said, "To better cope with the challenges of low birth rates and the 4th Industrial Revolution in the COVID-19 world, I hope that this 67th anniversary will bring our university, foundation and alumni association together for HUFS’s next leap forward through mutually beneficial initiatives for HUFS and its alumni, such as our Alumni Mentoring Program.”

During the following award ceremony, Dongwon Educational Foundation presented the Dongwon Translation Award to Professor Park Woo-Soo of the Department of English Literature and Culture and Professor Choi Seong-Eun of the Department of Polish for contributing to the advancement of the translation culture and HUFS’s external standing. The university foundation also honored outstanding HUFS faculty and staff with the Long-Term Service Award, Best Faculty Award and Best Staff Award.