[HUFS POWER] HUFS’s SW Industry-Academia Cooperation Project publishes in an SCIE-indexed journal and wins award
[HUFS POWER] HUFS’s SW Industry-Academia Cooperation Project publishes in an SCIE-indexed journal and wins award
  • 승인 2021.10.27 16:11
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Two students, Lee Chae-Young and Kim Hyo-Min (Dept. of Information Communications Engineering) of HUFS’s SW-Centered University SW Industry-Academia Cooperation Project, had their article published in the journal of “Applied Sciences”. The Impact Factor of this SCIE-indexed journal is 2.474 in Engineering, Multidisciplinary. Entitled “A Study on Building a ‘Real-Time Vehicle Accident and Road Obstacle Notification Model’ Using AI CCTV”, their article explores the method of developing an AI CCTV that detects abnormal traffic events based on the existing CCTV data, gives alerts to drivers, and thereby prevents traffic accidents and congestion. This article was also honored with the Best Paper Award at the International Conference on Advanced Engineering and ICT-Convergence (ICAEIC) held in January 2021.

As members of the HUFS SW-Centered University SW Industry-Academia Cooperation Project Team, the two students took an industry-academia Capstone Design lecture (Lead Professor Doo Il-Chul) and focused their joint research efforts on developing a deep learning-powered traffic anomaly detection model under the guidance of Professor Oh Se-Jong of HUFS AI Education Center.

Professor Doo of the SW-Centered University Project said of the research, “In recent years, the fatality rates of secondary car accidents on highways have reached 52.7%, six times higher compared to all vehicle accident fatalities. To solve this issue, we utilize a pre-trained YOLO model with CCTV videos and offer alerts and related images to users when detecting abnormal vehicle behaviors.” Professor Oh of HUFS AI Education Center, who jointly conducted the research, said, “An AI CCTV detects road accidents and gives alerts to nearby drivers, preventing any secondary traffic accidents. This can be further utilized in numerous fields, such as automated driving and navigation.”

The Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE), an expanded version of the Science Citation Index (SCI) founded in the U.S. in 1960, is a global database of academic journals offered by global media group Thomson Reuters. SCIE has globally influential and frequently cited academic journals listed. The Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI) is the world’s leading publisher of open access scientific journals, currently boasting an extensive global network of over 67,000 editors.

Since being appointed an SW-Centered University in 2019, HUFS has provided practical AI training courses under the goal of “nurturing AI-leading global convergence experts”. In April 2021, it was also selected as one of the ‘2021 Universities with Data Youth Campus’. Leveraging its specialty in converging natural language processing and deep learning, HUFS plans to cultivate data specialists armed with data storage, processing, analysis, knowledge extraction, and other service skills.