[Event News] Today with HUFS for a Better Tomorrow! (October-December)
[Event News] Today with HUFS for a Better Tomorrow! (October-December)
  • 승인 2022.01.26 15:27
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■ HUFS Alumni Journalists hold the 2021 HUFS Journalists’ Night

The Association of HUFS Alumni Journalists (President Kim Jong-Gu, Political Science and International Relations, entry class of ‘77) held the 2021 HUFS Journalists’ Night at Korea Press Center on December 8, 2021 (Wednesday) at 7 p.m. The event was joined by some 20 HUFS alumni members leading their successful career in the press industry and related HUFS officials.

Moderated by CEO Kim Hong-Ryeol (English, entry class of ‘86) of Hankyung Global News Network, the event kicked off with the welcoming speech by President Kim Jong-Gu of the Association, HUFS President Kim In-Chul, and President Yang In-Jib of HUFS Alumni Association. President Kim Jong-Gu said in his welcoming speech, “As HUFS alumni journalists armed with critical perspectives stand out and are well recognized in the field, I feel that HUFS’s standing in the press industry has grown prominently.” HUFS President Kim In-Chul said in his congratulatory remarks, “We have produced a great number of journalists because our institution offered them courses to train curiosity and writing techniques, the two core values of journalism. We will focus our efforts on talent cultivation to pass this good academic legacy to the next generation of our students.” President Yang In-Jib of HUFS Alumni Association commented, “The strides made by our alumni journalists will take HUFS’s standing to the next level. I hope that
their impartial and accurate service will further enhance our alma mater’s reputation and contribute to the advancement of the society as a public good.”

After the remarks, the HUFS Journalist of the Year 2021 Award ceremony was held. Editorial Page Editor Lee Jung-Geum (Spanish, entry class of ‘84) of the Kyunghyang Shinmun and Main Anchor Lee So-Jung (Spanish, entry class of ’96) of KBS News 9 won honor as HUFS Journalist of the Year. The Association of HUFS Alumni Journalists said that the award celebrates Mr. Lee’s remarkable achievements as a journalist. He joined the daily news paper in 1990, serving key roles, such as Editor of Political Desk, Editor of Social Desk, and Editorial Writer. Throughout his career, he has been committed to providing a balanced account and opinions of issues and events. He also held external positions, such as the Vice President of the National Union of Media Workers and the Managing Editor of Kwanhun Club, contributing greatly to the development of press in the nation. It also explained that the award honors anchor Lee So-Jung for her contribution to improve the reputation of HUFS journalists. Having joined KBS in 2003, she accumulated a breadth of on-site experience while working for KBS’s Social Affairs Office, International News Office, Economy Office, and Culture Office. Her outstanding special and investigative reporting skills built upon her field experience were highly recognized within the new agency. In particular, since 2019, she has served as the first female main anchor of KBS News 9, expanding the career path for female journalists and enhancing the reputation of HUFS alumni journalists.