[HUFS POWER] HDS won the United Asian Debate Championships in EFL league
[HUFS POWER] HDS won the United Asian Debate Championships in EFL league
  • 승인 2022.01.26 15:49
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An HUFS English debate club, HUFS Debate Society (HDS), won the United Asian Debate Championships (UADC) in the English as a Foreign Language (EFL) league held in October 9 and 10, 2021 (Saturday and Sunday).

The largest annual parliamentary debating tournament launched in 2010 for teams from universities in Asia, this year’s championship tournament was held in Bali, Indonesia. The event, held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was joined by some 400 students from 86 universities in 23 countries around the world as judges and debaters. The competition heated up as around 100 college teams went through rounds of competitive debate. At each round, two competing teams of three speakers, the affirmative team and the negative team, debated impromptu topics of international relations, economy, philosophy, politics, and education.

HDS joined the competition on behalf of HUFS with its team of students Park Young-Woo (Italian), Yoon Suk-Jin (English Education),
Miika Järvisaari(International Economics and Law). After a battle of eight preliminary debates, the HDS team defeated teams from the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam and Keio University at the finals of the EFL league, successfully advancing to the grand final.

At the final round of debate held on the topic of "This house believes that it is a legitimate tactic for activists to launch campaigns of personal attacks/insults at the family members of corrupt politicians," the HDS team, as the affirmative team, made a landslide victory against its competing team from Peking University at a score of 10 to 1. In particular, its member Park Young-Woo received the grand finals’ best speaker award. This victory is all the more meaningful in that HDS is the first North Asian university team to win the EFL league since the inception of the tournament.