[GLOBAL HUFS] HUFS invites Sharon Choi for a special lecture - “Interpreting Culture with Flexibility”
[GLOBAL HUFS] HUFS invites Sharon Choi for a special lecture - “Interpreting Culture with Flexibility”
  • 승인 2022.02.04 15:07
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The HUFS College of Central and East European Studies (Dean Park Su-Young) invited Sharon Choi (Choi Seong-Jae), who received widespread recognition as director Bong Joon-Ho’s Korean-English interpreter during the 2020 Academy awards season, for a special lecture. The College offers the nation’s only four-year Bachelor’s degree programs in the Polish, Romanian, Czech and Slovak, Hungarian, South Slavic, and Ukrainian languages. Over the last 30 years, it has been at the forefront of laying the academic foundation for studies in the languages, literature, history, and culture of the Central and East European and Balkan regions and nurturing future scholars.

HUFS became the first Korean university to have Sharon Choi as a special lecturer, who has politely declined waves of interview and lecture invitations since director Bong’s Parasite won an Academy award. This was possible because she graduated from Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies, which is affiliated with HUFS. Having studied cinematic arts at the University of Southern California, she is an aspiring filmmaker who plans to make her film debut with her own scenario and also a language consultant who is determined to go the extra mile to introduce Korean films to international audience. For her contribution to creating a better image of Korea through her interpretation, she won the 12th YoungSan Diplomat of the Year Award from the Seoul Forum for International Affairs in 2020.

The special lecture was held at the International Seminar Hall of HUFS Global Campus on December 9, 2021 (Thursday). To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the event was held with a minimum level of physical participation. HUFS live streamed the event to a total of 100 HUFS students interested in interpretation and translation, filmmaking and culture. Sharon Choi, who just arrived after her interpretation of an international PR interview for Escape from Mogadishu directed by Ryoo Seong-wan that morning, delivered the lecture on the theme of “Interpreting Culture with Flexibility” to students of the HUFS College of Central and East European Studies both online and offline.