[Event News] Today with HUFS for a Better Tomorrow! (April-June)
[Event News] Today with HUFS for a Better Tomorrow! (April-June)
  • 승인 2022.07.21 16:14
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■ HUFS holds a professor-staff-student soccer match

On May 17, 2022 (Tuesday), the HUFS Global Campus held the “Back to Normal as One” professor-staff-student soccer match as the kick-off event of the first day of its 2022 #Spring cooler festival.

Held to encourage all HUFS members to unite and work together toward the shared goal of returning to normal after two years of the COVID pandemic, the sporting event was participated in by representatives of the three key players of the HUFS community: HUFS President Park Jeong-Woon, HUFS Labor Union Director Go Jung-Sik, and HUFS Student Council President Oh Gyeong-Hyun. In addition, the HUFS vice president, deans, and administrative team leaders as well as professors, staff members, and student body representatives joined to highlight the friendly and cordial atmosphere of the event.