[Honorable HUFS] “The pursuit of knowledge is valuable, yet far more valuable is a life of sharing.”(April-June)
[Honorable HUFS] “The pursuit of knowledge is valuable, yet far more valuable is a life of sharing.”(April-June)
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■ HUFS dedicates lecture hall for Hwang Han-Joo, Chairperson of Levain Group

On April 19, 2022 (Tuesday), HUFS held a ceremony to dedicate a lecture hall in honor of Hwang Han-Joo (Spanish, entry class of ’83) at Lecture Hall No. 606 in the International Building of the Seoul Campus. The dedication recognizes his contribution to enhancing the worldwide reputation of the nation and HUFS through his international business career and his gracious support and donation to help HUFS students build their global competency. As a token of appreciation and best wishes to his alma mater that helped lay the foundation for his successful career, Chairperson Hwang donated KRW 100 million to the HUFS Development Fund. The ceremony was held at Lecture Hall No. 606 where HUFS cultivates next-generation interpreters and translators through multidisciplinary and convergence research and education comprising linguistics, engineering, and technology.

Stressing that he was able to grow and follow his dream of advancing into the global market thanks to the foreign language skills, global perspectives, and global business sense that he acquired during his studies in the HUFS Department of Spanish, he said that he has always felt deep gratitude to and affection for HUFS while living abroad. In fact, he served as the 12th chair of the HUFS alumni council in Guatemala (2014-2016) and the 4th chair of the HUFS alumni council in the Americas (2017-2019), cultivating a strong sense of unity, inclusion, and integration among HUFS alumni growing their presence in the region. He has also been at the forefront of organizing HUFS alumni fundraising campaigns in Latin America, translating his love for HUFS into tangible action. In addition, he has invited HUFS Spanish students to Guatemala each semester and has fully supported their study-related and living costs. Leading by example, he has spread this support program for current HUFS students among overseas HUFS alumni networks.

Furthermore, it is widely known that Chairperson Hwang takes immense pride in being an HUFS alumnus. Having experienced the standing of his alma mater on the global stage, he said, “HUFS stands out prominently in Latin America. The sheer scale and number of our alumni networks around the world not only matters to HUFS but is also a national infrastructure and a major asset.” He went on to explain his aspiration by saying “I wish that current and future HUFS students can truly experience the brand and infrastructure of HUFS in the world and achieve more than I have. And I hope many HUFS alumni from around the world will offer their generous support and guidance to HUFS and HUFS students.

■ HUFS alumnus Lee Young-Woo, President of Hanway Trading, donates KRW 100 million to the HUFS Development Fund and scholarships

On May 24, 2022 (Tuesday), Lee Young-Woo (Malay-Indonesian, entry class of ’68), President of Hanway Trading, made a KRW 100 million donation to the HUFS Development Fund and scholarships.

President Lee has made scholarship donations since he launched the Hanway Scholarship in 2017, which symbolizes his affection for HUFS and HUFS students. Saying that students with great academic zeal in spite of their difficulties remind him of his younger days of studying despite many hardships, he hopes that his scholarship donation for students pursuing academic excellence and his Development Fund donation for HUFS’s future vision could help in some small way. HUFS President Park Jeong-Woon expressed his appreciation to President Lee because his scholarship donation allows more students to receive scholarships and his Development Fund donation can be used to cultivate future talents with the spirit of initiative and further advance HUFS’s educational offerings in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution that is blurring borders.

Out of his pride and love for his alma mater, President Lee has served as the president of the two largest HUFS alumni associations, the HUFS Alumni Mountain Climbing Association and the HUFS International Traders Club (ITC). In particular, his leadership at ITC increased its membership from 150 to 240 and breathed new vitality into its small group activities, which remain at full strength. President Lee said that he feels a great sense of reward and pleasure in his contribution to creating a deeper bond among HUFS alumni members and in turn passing down HUFS’s academic tradition and expanding the boundaries of the HUFS alumni community. He also expressed his hope that all HUFS alumni members will be able to stay united and offer more support and attention for the further advancement of HUFS.

■ Professor Emeritus Kwak Tae-Hwan of Eastern Kentucky University pledges a KRW 50 million scholarship donation

On June 15, 2022 (Wednesday), Dr. Kwak Tae-Hwan (English Linguistics, entry class of ’57, former President of Korea Institute for National Unification), Professor Emeritus at Eastern Kentucky University, visited HUFS for a meeting with HUFS President Park Jeong-Woon. At the meeting, he pledged a KRW 50 million donation for the Dr. Kwak Tae-Hwan Scholarship.  

During his visit to his alma mater, Professor Kwak said, “I hope my donation will be of some help for HUFS to nurture future leaders who can contribute to peacebuilding on the Korean Peninsula.” Accordingly, the Dr. Kwak Tae-Hwan Scholarship will provide full scholarships to two undergraduate and doctoral students in the Department of Political Science and International Relations. Since 2016, Professor Kwak has donated about KRW 83 million for the development of HUFS.

■ HUFS delivers the 2022 Cheongnong Former Prime Minister Gang Yeong-Hoon and Kim Hyo-Soo Scholarship

On May 11, 2022 (Wednesday), HUFS held the 2nd Cheongnong Former Prime Minister Gang Yeong-Hoon and Kim Hyo-Soo Scholarship award ceremony at the Main Conference Room located on the 11th floor of the Main Building on the Seoul Campus.

Under the 10-year scholarship program launched in 2021, a KRW 5 million scholarship will be delivered to one male and one female student each year, with the annual award ceremony held in May in memory of his death.

This year, the scholarships went to HUFS students Kim Joo-Min (ELLT, entry class of ‘21) and Lee Da-Bin (Dutch, entry class of ‘20) in recognition of their outstanding academic commitment and dedication to achieve their respective dreams of working for an international organization and working as a diplomat despite their

■ HUFS Department of Portuguese holds 2022 spring semester scholarships award ceremony

The Department of Portuguese (Chair Im So-Ra) in HUFS College of Occidental Languages held its 2022 Spring Semester Department of Portuguese Alumni
Scholarship award ceremony on May 6, 2022 (Friday).

At the event, the Department presented scholarships to two students, Kim Ga-Young (entry class of ’18) and Yeo Chan-Woo (entry class of ’21), for their enthusiastic service on its student council and their subsequent contributions to the development of the Department.Founded in April 2014, the scholarship program has been funded by three rounds of donations made by alumni and professors of the Department of Portuguese. With an aim to inspire and support students who have pursued their studies to achieve their dreams and made significant contributions to the Department despite their difficult situations, the Department provides a full-tuition scholarship to one selected student each semester.

In the spring semester of 2022, however, the Department offered a KRW 1 million special scholarship to one more student with the donation made by alumnus Kim Seong-Geun (entry class of ’08), who said, “I am making this donation to give back to HUFS students because I also received scholarships and other forms of support from the Department.”

■ HUFS Department of Italian delivers 2022 spring semester scholarships

The Department of Italian in HUFS College of Occidental Languages (Dean Choi Byung-Jin) held its 2022 Spring Semester Scholarship award ceremony on May 13, 2022 (Friday).

At the ceremony, the Department presented scholarships to the students selected as Jeon Seong-Cheol scholars for this semester, including Kim Dae-Hyun (entry class of ’17), Seong Hyun-Jin (entry class of ’19), and Han Ga-Eun (entry class of ’21). The Department also presented its 50th anniversary departmental scholarships to Kim Ye-Won (entry class of ’20) and Kim Ji-Yong (entry class of ’21).

■ HUFS Department of Thai presents the 2022 Thitinart Scholarship

On June 28, 2022 (Tuesday), the Department of Thai (Chair Park Gyeong-Eun) in HUFS College of Asian Languages and Cultures and the Department of Thai Interpretation and Translation (Chair Yoon Gyeong-Eun) in HUFS College of Interpretation and Translation held the 2022 Thitinart Scholarship award ceremony at the Chair of the Thai Department’s Office.

The scholarship, named after Ms. Thitinart Satjipano, the wife of former Thai Ambassador to Seoul Chaiyong Satjipanon, was founded in 2012 to honor her memory after her death in Korea. Poongsan Corporation sent $100,000 to the ambassador to console him for the sudden death of his wife, and the Thai ambassador donated the money to HUFS for students studying the Thai language. The donation has been used to award annual scholarships to one student from the Department of Thai and one from the Department of Thai Interpretation and Translation. This year’s scholarships went to student Kim Shin-Hwa (Thai, entry class of ’20), who has served as a student teaching assistant for the Department’s foreign faculty and the chair of a student club, and student Kim Gang-San (Thai Interpretation and Translation, entry class of ’19), who has served as the chair of the Department’s student council.

■ HUFS Professors’ Association holds 2022 spring semester scholarships award ceremony

The HUFS Professors’ Association (President Kim Si-Hong) held a ceremony to present scholarships for the spring semester of 2022 on June 23, 2022 (Thursday), at the Allegro Room at InterContinental Seoul COEX.

At the ceremony held on the sideline of the general meeting of the faculty association, six undergraduate and graduate students were named scholars for this semester and received scholarship prizes of KRW 1.5 million each.