[GLOBAL HUFS] HUFS chosen as the Data Youth Campus University for two years in a row
[GLOBAL HUFS] HUFS chosen as the Data Youth Campus University for two years in a row
  • 승인 2022.07.21 16:51
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- HUFS earns the title for the second consecutive year for its capacity to run an education course optimized for data science talent cultivation
- A big data job training program will be provided under the support of Korea Data Agency and related companies

HUFS was selected as the 2022 Data Youth Campus University, which is a university with optimal capacity to run a data science talent cultivation program. HUFS has been selected to run the program for the second year in a row. Under the project sponsored by the Ministry of Science and ICT and organized by Korea Data Agency to cultivate big data talents, the nation’s big data technology-leading university will offer practical education that meets the needs of businesses, while Korea Data Agency and related companies will support program participants’ employment in the big data sector. 

Professor Doo Il-Chul, head of the 2022 Data Youth Campus University Project, commented, “The importance of AI-based natural language processing has increased, as the market has expanded thanks to advances in natural language technology. Leveraging HUFS’s excellence in Applied Linguistics, our education program will offer Introduction to Language Engineering, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Basic/Advanced Projects, Project-Based Practicum with Corporate Mentors, Kaggle Competition-Based Team Project Practicum, and Korean Language-Specialized Natural Language Processing Practicum.” Project-Based Practicum will be offered with mentorship from HUFS AI Education Center, HUFS GSIT professors, and industrial experts from Twig Farm, Spigen Korea, and other businesses. In particular, this year’s program will offer practical training in cooperation with Yongin City and its Industry Promotion Agency before an internship and employment in the city. 

Since it was selected as an SW-Centered University in 2019, HUFS has been providing practical education courses to nurture global multidisciplinary talents who can lead the AI era. One of the courses is Natural Language Processing-Based Deep Learning Technology Convergence. This course is open to any job-seeking data-related majors aged 34 or younger. Application is open in May, and the project training will be provided from July to August. The tuition will be fully covered by the government. The program will also support participants in acquiring professional data certificates, such as SQLD (SQL Developer) and ADsP (Assistant Data science Partner), and offer customized recruitment information to help them find a job. An outstanding project team will be given the opportunity to participate in a competition as well as the ICT Platform Society’s Fall Conference and AI Convergence Technology Seminar.