[Honorable HUFS] “The pursuit of knowledge is valuable, yet far more valuable is a life of sharing.”(July-September)
[Honorable HUFS] “The pursuit of knowledge is valuable, yet far more valuable is a life of sharing.”(July-September)
  • 승인 2022.10.28 14:06
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■ Gloris President Gang Il-Gap (Spanish, entry class of ’79) donates USD 100,000 to the HUFS Development Fund

On September 23, 2022 (Friday), President Gang Il-Gap (Spanish, entry class of ’79) of Gloris, INC. made a USD 100, 000 donation to the HUFS Development Fund.

He said in his donation message that after meeting HUFS President Park Jeong-Woon at an HUFS alumni association event in New York last July, he realized HUFS President Park’s strong commitment to achieving the visions of HUFS and leading its next giant leap forward. Out of his wish for the further development of HUFS and HUFS students, he visited Korea to make his donation. He expressed the hope that his donation will encourage other overseas alumni members to join the donation drive for the HUFS Development Fund.

Mr. Gang said, in particular, “I joined HUFS when young and was able to grow my dream of entering the global business world. My time at HUFS helped me greatly in improving my linguistic and global business skills. Education is necessary for individuals to grow and achieve their life’s goal, and I hope my juniors at HUFS will be able to achieve their full potential and grow into warm-hearted talents who can contribute to society through learning at HUFS.”

■ Division of International Studies delivers the Professor Kim Bong-Chul Scholarship for the 2022 fall semester

On September 30, 2022 (Friday), the HUFS Division of International Studies (Chair Lee Seung-Rae) held the 2022 Fall Semester Professor Kim Bong-Chul Scholarship award ceremony. At the award ceremony, scholarships were awarded to students Yoon Chi-Yeon (International Studies, entry class of ’18) and Tharmakulasingam Thanusha(International Studies, entry class of ’20).

Funded by KRW 100 million donated by Professor Kim Bong-Chul of the same division, the Professor Kim Bong-Chul Scholarship recognizes excellent students pursuing International Studies each semester.

■ HUFS holds the 13th HUFS Staff (Seed) Scholarship award ceremony

The 13th HUFS Staff Scholarship (“Seed Scholarship”) award ceremony was held at the Seoul Campus on September 21, 2022 (Wednesday).

At the ceremony, four HUFS students (two from the Seoul Campus and two from the Global Campus) each received scholarships of KRW 1 million. Serving their original purpose as tuition scholarships, Seed Scholarships are granted to those showing excellence in their academic performance and in other activities on and off campus. HUFS staff joining the ceremony that day said they will work on expanding the scholarship for more students and asked for further support and encouragement.

Established in 2015 by HUFS administrative staff to help students pursue their studies and dreams, the Seed Scholarship Program now awards scholarships to HUFS students from the Seoul Campus and Global Campus each semester.

■ HUFS alumni make their first donation to nurture future accountants

HUFS alumni made their first donation to cultivate future accountants at HUFS. On July 5, 2022 (Tuesday), HUFS alumni partners at accounting firm Samil PwC (Won Chi-Hyung, Lee Jong-Seok, Park Ho-Joon, Kim Dong-Hwan, and Shim Yang-Gyu) delivered their first donation of KRW 2 million to Hallymjeong, an HUFS CPA exam study society run by the HUFS Institute for Public-Sector Talent Development (Director Kim Min-Jung). Out of their hope that their donation will be able to help HUFS students studying for the CPA exam, they pledged that, starting with this donation, they will make two or more donations each year on a regular basis.

The HUFS alumni at Samil PwC expressed their deep connection with and affection for students studying at HUFS by saying, “We, as HUFS alumni accountants currently working in the field, will come together and actively take part in future donation and support drives.” In response to their commitment, Hallymjeong advisor Professor Son Dong-Hyun (Business Administration Division) said, “As our alumni accountants are rolling up their sleeves to support HUFS students studying for the national CPA exam, we will also make our best efforts to help these students pass the test. We are grateful for their affection toward and support for the students of their alma mater.”