[Honorable HUFS] “The pursuit of knowledge is valuable, yet far more valuable is a life of sharing.”(October-January)
[Honorable HUFS] “The pursuit of knowledge is valuable, yet far more valuable is a life of sharing.”(October-January)
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■ Chairperson Lee Seong-Hee of Hyunma Education Foundation donates over KRW 1 billion in total for talent cultivation at his alma mater

The total amount of donations made by Lee Seong-Hee (Political Science and Diplomacy, entry class of ’64), Chairperson of Hyunma Education Foundation, has surpassed KRW 1 billion. Having worked in business his whole life, Chairperson Lee has made valuable donations over the years out of his will to contribute to the development of HUFS and the prosperity of the nation and all humanity by supporting talent cultivation. His first donation to the HUFS Development Fund was KRW 30 million in 1994. The amount went up to KRW 100 million in 1997 and KRW 120 million in 2009. His total amount of donations has now reached over KRW 1 billion. His contribution to HUFS as a token of his affection for his alma mater and his commitment to talent cultivation will continue each year.

After graduating from HUFS, he led his business to huge success in the fields of international trade, construction, and pharmaceuticals. Upon retiring from his 35-year career in business, he established Hyunma Education Foundation for HUFS students in 2010 with KRW 4.6 billion based on his desire to give back to society and his life-long commitment to the nation through talent cultivation.The foundation’s articles of incorporation clearly state that it shall select scholars only from among HUFS students, which clearly shows his special affection for his alma mater. This is not only because he is an HUFS alumnus, but also because the foundation is operated under his strong personal philosophy:the development of HUFS will lead to the development of our nation and all humanity as HUFS strives to grow into a global convergence research institute in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution from a foreign language education agency that began in 1954. 

After graduation, Hyunma scholars have joined public organizations and leading companies or have started their careers as lawyers, accountants, or other professionals, having grown into the nation’s top talents. In addition to his financial assistance, Chairperson Lee has not spared his support for young HUFS scholars, helping them navigate their career paths and post-college lives for success as a reliable mentor to young HUFS students. What he emphasizes to them more than anything is character. He asks them to not let themselves down even in hard times and to try to keep gratitude in mind. He further hopes that they will become generous people who give back to young students in even more difficult circumstances someday to help them keep their hope alive for the future.


■ President Park Byung-Chul of Everest Trading Corp., President Baek Chang-Ho of Nara Trading Inc., and President Kevin S. Kim of Bank of Hope contribute to the HUFS Development Fund

On October 31, 2022 (Monday), HUFS alumni members in the Americas made USD 100,000 donations to the HUFS Development Fund. The alumni donors were President Park Byung-Chul of Everest Trading Corp. (Trade (currently International Economics and Law), entry class of ’67), President Baek Chang-Ho (English, entry class of ’72) of Nara Trading Inc., and President Kevin S. Kim (English, entry class of ’76) of Bank of Hope. They visited HUFS with their families, donating USD 100,000 each to the HUFS Development Fund in their good wishes for the further development and growth of HUFS. Their combined donations that day reached USD 300,000.

Receiving the donations, HUFS President Park Jeong-Woon expressed his will and vision to create new values from HUFS’s unique strengths in the era of convergence, and the participating alumni members agreed with him on his vision. ▲ President Park Byung-Chul said, “HUFS is the place where I had the dreams and memories of my youth and started focusing on my aspiration for the global market, and it has also helped me achieve the fruits of success. As a senior and also a companion, I would like to support our juniors along their path of going beyond the boundaries of nations and academic disciplines and growing into true global talents.” ▲ President Baek Chang-Ho commented, “If you go overseas, you can realize the indisputably impressive brand and network of HUFS. I hope many in our HUFS alumni community will be able to leverage the expansive network of HUFS to fulfill their capacity and potential on the global stage. To become an academic cradle for true global leaders, HUFS needs the unity and initiative of our alumni members overseas. As the development of HUFS means the development of each one of us, I hope that my donation will be used for the further advancement of HUFS as an institution of global talent cultivation.” ▲ President Kevin S. Kim said, “The global perspective I acquired at HUFS was so invaluable as I met customers from different parts of the world, collaborated with numerous colleagues, and gained recognition in the fierce American market. My wish is that this donation will be used to help HUFS build academic programs through which students grow into warm-hearted, intelligent global citizens through different experiences and broad-minded thinking.”


■ HUFS holds the 13th Matthew D. Lee & Katherine H. Lee Scholarship Awards Ceremony

On October 26, 2022 (Wednesday), HUFS held the 13th Matthew D. Lee & Katherine H. Lee Scholarship Awards Ceremony at Lee Deok-Sun Conference Room of the Main Building.

Lee Deok-Sun (German, entry class of ’58), President of the Overseas HUFS Alumni Association, went to the U.S. in 1966 right after his college graduation. After decades of tireless efforts and passion, he established Allied Technology Group, Inc. in 1986, winning U.S. Federal Government contracts with his cutting-edge IT security solutions, successfully growing his company’s presence in the highly competitive U.S. market, and becoming one of the global HUFS alumni business leaders that all HUFS members take pride in. Guided by his belief that talent cultivation and the development of universities is the best way to give back to all humanity, he has donated a total of KRW 4 billion to his alma mater. In 2010, he created the Matthew D. & Katherine H. Lee Foundation (“Lee Deok-Sun Scholarship”), named after himself and his wife. Of his KRW 4 billion in donations, 90% has been used for scholarships, demonstrating his strong will to contribute to humanity through talent cultivation. So far, a total of 91 HUFS students have received the Lee Deok-Sun Scholarship.  

President Lee said, “I am thankful to the HUFS community for your continued warm hospitality. Our overseas alumni members have high expectations for HUFS led by President Park, and we hope that HUFS will foresee the future in this fast-changing world and respond to these changes proactively, growing its impact in the global community.” He also stressed to the scholars, “To achieve success, it is important to hone your skills as a member of society. But what is equally important is to become a good person and a good neighbor to others. Building the character to care about those around you first in today’s rapidly changing world is what makes you a valued brand.”


■ President Yang In-Jib of HUFS Alumni Association delivers KRW 100 million to the HUFS Development Fund

On December 27, 2022 (Tuesday), President Yang In-Jib (Japanese, entry class of ’76; President of Onycom) made a donation of KRW 100 million to the HUFS Development Fund. Since he delivered his first scholarship fund in 1997, he has made continuous donations to HUFS. With this donation, his cumulative donation amount has reached KRW 200 million. In addition, he recently made a KRW 100 million contribution to HUFS Alumni Association for the Chungwoodang Scholarship.

At the donation delivery ceremony held at the Main Building’s Hall of Fame on the Seoul Campus, President Yang said, “I am grateful to HUFS for nurturing me so that I can show my affection for my alma mater. There can be many people who have never considered donation, but there is no one who has done it only once. I hope more and more alumni members join our donation drive and feel a sense of reward.”


■ Chairperson Bae Dong-Hyun of Chang Seong Group Scholarship Foundation makes a donation of KRW 100 million

On December 19, 2022 (Monday), Chairperson Bae Dong-Hyun (Business Administration, entry class of ’03) of Chang Seong Group Scholarship Foundation (Vice Chair of Chang Seong Group) delivered KRW 100 million to support HUFS’s talent cultivation. The donation will be used to improve the learning environment and welfare services for students with disabilities.

Having worked as a business leader at the forefront of the efforts to improve public awareness on the disabled within our society, Chairperson Bae said, “There is no disabled or non-disabled distinction in the passion of young students committed to moving forward to a better future. I hope all students with disabilities who grow their dreams for a bigger world at HUFS will be able to take steps forward without any worries and beyond their physical disability.”


■HUFS Alumni Professors’ Association delivers scholarships for 2022 Fall Semester 

HUFS Alumni Professors’ Association (President Kim Si-Hong) held a ceremony to present scholarship certificates for the fall semester of 2022 at Allegro Room of InterContinental Seoul, COEX, on December 5, 2022 (Monday).

At the ceremony held on the sidelines of the general meeting of the faculty association, a total of six undergraduate and graduate students were named scholarship recipients for this semester. They include Gang Roo-Mi (English Linguistics, graduate course), Kim Young-Hwa (Portuguese), Nam Min-Ji (Russian Studies), Seong Gyu-Rim (Political Science and International Relations), Song Chae-Eun (Mathematics), and Yoon Byung-Soo (Economics).