[GLOBAL HUFS] HUFS CFLE holds the 2nd CFL Ambassador Forum, drawing participants from 13 countries
[GLOBAL HUFS] HUFS CFLE holds the 2nd CFL Ambassador Forum, drawing participants from 13 countries
  • 승인 2023.02.06 09:57
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On November 10, 2022 (Thursday), HUFS Center for Critical Foreign Language Education (CFLE, Director Lee Eun-Gu) invited the ambassadors and diplomatic officers of 13 critical language-speaking countries and held the 2nd CFL Ambassador Forum at Aekyung Hall. Joined by dignitaries from Mongolia, Brazil, Sweden, Azerbaijan, Oman, Iran, Italy, India, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, Poland, and Hungary, the forum was held under the title “Cultural Exchange and the Role of Critical Foreign Languages.”

At the event moderated by Park Gyeong-Eun, Head of HUFS Office of Public Relations, HUFS President Park Jeong-Woon said in his welcoming remarks, “Offering a total of 45 professional CFL and foreign language courses, HUFS has established itself as a global leading institution for talent cultivation in the area of convergence based on our expansive global network with 534 universities and 65 institutions from 98 countries around the world. As the pivot of the nation’s network of professional foreign language education, HUFS will continue our efforts to develop talents with outstanding CFL language skills as well as in-depth understanding of each CFL-speaking culture and society.”

CFLE Director Lee said in his keynote speech, “With the CFL education promotion program entering its second phase this year, nationwide CFL endeavors have been expanding in the areas of public services, expert cultivation, and collaboration with government departments and agencies. This forum will encourage the 13 participating nations to spread CFL education in Korea through cooperation with each other and further formulate measures to cultivate much-needed professional experts.”

The first CFL Ambassador Forum was held last year to share ideas on how to promote CFL education in Korea and related exchanges. This year’s forum was joined by the 13 CFL-speaking nations. As the importance of culture continues to grow as clearly seen with the global spread of K-Culture, the forum discussed cultural exchanges, the role of CFLs, and future directions of CFL education. The forum holds significance as a platform for strengthening our domestic and global network with CFL-speaking countries and building the mechanism of sustainable cooperation to promote CFL education in the future.