[Honorable HUFS] “The pursuit of knowledge is valuable, yet far more valuable is a life of sharing.”(January-April)
[Honorable HUFS] “The pursuit of knowledge is valuable, yet far more valuable is a life of sharing.”(January-April)
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■ President Joo Young-Lim of the HUFS College of English Alumni makes a KRW 100 million donation

On March 30, 2023 (Thursday), President Joo Young-Lim (English Linguistics, entry class of ’79) of the HUFS College of English Alumni pledged to donate KRW 100 million to the HUFS Development Fund.


President Joo said, “HUFS is the place that has made me who I am and the place of my good memories. Young talent from colleges are the hope for our tomorrow. Recognizing this, I want my junior alumni members to take steps toward the world and their future with no fear and make a better future for humanity.” President Joo also added, “Alumni contribution is essential to the advancement of any college in the era of global competition. I hope that other alumni members will be able to show their affection for our alma mater, and their small contributions can become a solid foundation for the further development of HUFS.”

HUFS President Park Jeong-Woon replied in his thank-you speech, “I would like to deeply thank President Joo, who has devoted his entire life to teaching and making the value of the so-called ‘education for the next 100 years’ a reality and has made a large donation to our development fund for the development of HUFS and our students.” He added, “We will use the donation meaningfully, remembering President Joo’s great commitment to talent cultivation.”

■ HUFS holds the 2023 meeting with the Alumni Chiefs of Korea’s Overseas Diplomatic Missions

On March 28, 2023 (Tuesday) at 7:00 am, HUFS invited its alumni chiefs of the nation’s overseas diplomatic missions to the 2023 HUFS Meeting with Chiefs of Overseas Diplomatic Missions. The meeting was held in the Belle-Vue Suite on the 36th Floor of Lotte Hotel Seoul. The HUFS alumni diplomatic officers came to Korea to participate in a meeting of chiefs of overseas diplomatic missions hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

At the early morning meeting, 1st Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Cho Hyun-Dong (Spanish, entry class of ’78) said, “I am grateful that HUFS has provided our alumni chiefs of overseas diplomatic missions with an opportunity for exchanges and networking whenever we come to Seoul for meetings. I hope that with the encouragement and support of HUFS, more HUFS juniors will be able to join the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to advance the country and HUFS.”

Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Japan Yoon Deok-Min (Political Science and International Relations, entry class of ’79) said, “I thank HUFS and the HUFS Alumni Association for holding this meaningful meeting for the alumni chiefs of overseas diplomatic missions. As HUFS holds our good memories, we will work together to play various roles and make different contributions, such as talent donation, to the development of our alma mater.”

■ HUFS Division of International Studies delivers the Professor Kim Bong-Chul Scholarship for the 2023 spring semester 

On March 28, 2023 (Tuesday), the HUFS Division of International Studies (Chair Lee Seung-Rae) held the 2023 Spring Semester Professor Kim Bong-Chul Scholarship award ceremony. This semester’s scholarships were awarded to students Park Cheol-Yong (entry class of ’18) and Kim Jeong-Hyul (entry class of ’21).

The scholarship is funded by the KRW 100 million donation by Professor Kim Bong-Chul of the same department to recognize outstanding students pursuing international studies each semester.

■ HUFS holds the 14th HUFS Staff Scholarship (Seed) award ceremony

On March 21, 2023 (Tuesday), HUFS held the 14th HUFS Staff Scholarship (Seed) award ceremony on the Seoul Campus.

The Seed Scholarship was established in 2015 by HUFS staff to support students to pursue their campus life and dreams. It awards scholarships to students from the Seoul Campus and Global Campus each semester. As more and more staff have joined, the total amount for the scholarships reached KRW 100 million last August.

At the ceremony, four HUFS students (two from the Seoul Campus and two from the Global Campus) each received scholarships of KRW 1 million. Serving its original purpose of providing tuition scholarships, the Seed Scholarship is granted to those with excellence in academic performance and in various activities on and off campus. The HUFS staff participating in the ceremony said they will work on expanding the scholarships for more students in the future and asked for greater support and encouragement.

■ President Yong Eul-Sik of KDI Group donates KRW 500 million with HUFS naming a lecture room in his honor

The donations made to HUFS by President of KDI Group Yong Eul-Sik (English Linguistics, entry class of ’56) have amounted to KRW 500 million. President Yong joined the HUFS Department of English Linguistics in 1956. Graduating in 1960, he established the trading firm KD International and has built a strong business career as an international trader traveling around the world. Driven by his noble wish of contributing to humanity through sharing corporate values with society and cultivating talent through better university education, he began donating to HUFS in 1992. He has recently donated KRW 200 million to the HUFS Development Fund, bringing the total amount of his donations so far to KRW 533 million.

As a token of deep appreciation and respect for his virtuous will, HUFS held a ceremony on March 9, 2023 (Thursday), to name lecture room #401 of the Humanities Building on the Seoul Campus after him.

President Yong said, “HUFS in the 1950s came into being as a very special institution. Still now, the name ‘HUFS’ keeps its honorable meaning, signifying the elite of our nation. I hope that all HUFS members will spread this special pride to the wider world and pioneer uncharted territory, sharing and exchanging the knowledge they have learned at HUFS with others and thereby becoming the force that drives a virtuous cycle of development at HUFS going forward.”

■ HUFS Department of Italian awards the 2023 Spring Semester Scholarships

On March 7, 2023 (Tuesday), the HUFS Department of Italian at the College of Occidental Languages (Chair Choi Byeong-Jin) held a ceremony to deliver the 2023 Spring Semester Scholarships at the Office of the Chair (room #337 of the Main Building).

The Jeon Seong-Cheol Scholarship went to students Jeong Young-Bee (entry class of ’19), Kim Su-Ah (entry class of ’20), Noh Tae-Min (entry class of ’20), and Lim Yoo-Young (entry class of ‘22), while the Department’s 50th Anniversary Scholarship went to students Kim Tae-Gyeom (entry class of ’19) and Jeong Ryun-Oh (entry class of ’19).

Before the award ceremony, President Park Gwan-Soo of the HUFS Department of Italian Alumni Association made a KRW 30 million donation to the HUFS Development Fund and the Department Development Fund.

■ HUFS holds the 2023 Chungwoodang Scholarship award ceremony

On March 7, 2023 (Tuesday), the Alumni Scholarship Foundation run by the HUFS Alumni Association (President Yang In-Jib) held the Chungwoodang Scholarship award ceremony at the Onycom building. Onycom, which is led by President Yang of the 33rd HUFS Alumni Association, has pledged to donate KRW 10 million each year for 10 years from 2022 to the scholarship foundation.

Named after the donor’s pen name ‘Chungwoodang (淸雨堂),’ the Scholarship demonstrates his wish to help HUFS students focus on their studies during the semester and develop global perspectives through overseas learning opportunities during summer vacation. In this sense, the Chungwoodang Scholarship truly embodies the HUFS slogan “Come to HUFS, Meet the World.”

Student Kim Min-Seo (ELLT, entry class of ’19) won the 2023 Chungwoodang Scholarship with her detailed and concrete one-month plan of research and study in the field of her interest in the United States for this summer vacation. Her continued efforts to build IT skills and knowledge was also well received.

■ HUFS Rowing celebrates its 60th anniversary

HUFS Rowing (Advisor Professor, Kim Bong-Chul) held a ceremony to celebrate its 60th anniversary at the Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas on February 29, 2023 (Tuesday).

Since its foundation in 1963, it has written the history of rowing in Korea. The ceremony gathered all of the members of HUFS Rowing, allowing them to commemorate its history and share its future as well as their love for HUFS.

■ HUFS Department of Arabic Interpretation and Translation holds the Friendship Scholarship award ceremony

On February 22, 2023 (Wednesday), the HUFS Department of Arabic Interpretation and Translation (Chair Cho Jin-Young) held a ceremony to award the Department’s Friendship Scholarship.

This year’s scholars are students Kim Do-Hyun (entry class of ’18) and Gang Cheol-Ho (entry class of ’19), who have demonstrated excellent academic performance and have also made considerable contributions to the Department as well.

Founded in 1979, the Friendship Scholarship has raised around KRW 100 million won so far. This scholarship fund is now deposited in HUFS. Staying true to its original aim of helping students with outstanding academic performance and notable contributions to the development of HUFS, each year it selects such students and awards them with scholarships.

■ Hyunma Education Foundation holds its 13th scholarship award ceremony

Hyunma Education Foundation (President Lee Seung-Hee) held its 13th scholarship award ceremony at the International Conference Room of the Minerva Complex on the Seoul Campus on February 28, 2023 (Tuesday) at 11:00 am. Since its establishment, the Foundation has awarded KRW 776,974,000 in scholarships to 111 students.

President Lee Seung-Hee said, “Konosuke Matsushita, the founder of Panasonic, devoted his entire life and endless efforts to build up his wealth, health, and knowledge. Today’s shortcomings will serve as great nourishment to lead a better life in the future. I hope every one of you will live a frugal life and pursue your dreams for the future.”

■ CEO Jeong Won-Soo of Saeryun International donates KRW 100 million to HUFS

On February 1, 2023 (Wednesday), Jeong Won-Soo, CEO of Saeryun International (English Linguistics, entry class of ’80), made a KRW 100 million donation to his alma mater HUFS.

CEO Jeong said, “The linguistic skills and the global perspective that I learned at HUFS helped me grow my business globally and contribute to the development of the nation’s economy as well. I hope young HUFS students find their future visions here on campus and grow into the nation’s top talents who can work on the global stage.”

HUFS President Park Jeong-Woon said, “I would like to deeply thank him for his donation for the advancement of HUFS. We will use this donation meaningfully to nurture future talents with expertise and compassion, who can contribute to the betterment of humanity.” He went on to say, “Using this opportunity, I send my gratitude and respect to the honorable will of CEO Jeong. By operating his business globally, he has contributed to the economic development of the nation and has taken the reputation of HUFS to another level, and today he practices his love for HUFS by sharing the precious outcome of his untiring efforts with his alma mater.”