[GLOBAL HUFS] HUFS earns IEQAS accreditation for the 3rd cycle
[GLOBAL HUFS] HUFS earns IEQAS accreditation for the 3rd cycle
  • 승인 2023.05.03 16:05
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HUFS earned the International Education Quality Assurance System (IEQAS) accreditation for the 3rd cycle for its excellence in education and student care for international students. This accreditation is awarded by the Ministry of Education based on the assessment by the National Research Foundation of Korea.

The IEQAS assessment analyses a wide range of areas, including the illegal stay rate, internationalization business planning and infrastructure, academic and life support for international students, dropout rate, and counseling ratio for international students. Having met all of the criteria established by the Ministry of Education, all HUFS degree and language programs retain IEQAS accreditation for another three years from this March until February 2026.

This consecutive 3rd cycle accreditation allows HUFS to simplify its visa issuance procedures, select the same number of language program students as that of first-year admitted students, and accept an unlimited numbers of foreign students for the HUFS graduate programs. In addition, the accreditation enables HUFS to continue its promotional activities through the official website of the Ministry of Education as well as enjoy the preferential right to participate in the Ministry’s overseas study fairs.