[Event News] Today with HUFS for a Better Tomorrow! (April-July)
[Event News] Today with HUFS for a Better Tomorrow! (April-July)
  • 승인 2023.08.03 10:57
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■ Center for Korean Language and Culture hosts the 2023 Cultural EXPO, a cultural event to meet the world

On April 28, 2023 (Friday), the HUFS Center for Korean Language and Culture (Director Hong Jong-Myeong) held the 17th Cultural EXPO at the grand sports field on the Seoul Campus.

The EXPO serves as a lively platform for foreign exchange students from various regions. They gather to share their distinctive cuisines, traditional attire, and cultural practices, fostering meaningful exchanges. This year’s Cultural EXPO showcased 25 booths representing countries like Germany, Russia, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, and others.

For over three decades, the Center has been dedicated to enhancing the global recognition of the Korean language and providing top-tier, specialized Korean language education. Throughout this time, it has successfully nurtured numerous foreign students and overseas Koreans who share a passion for learning the Korean language and embracing its distinctive culture. As of 2023 spring semester, the Center proudly hosts around 600 foreign exchange students from 56 different countries, all studying the Korean language and its rich cultural heritage.